Please Consider Helping (Serious)

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Please Consider Helping (Serious)

Postby Veeena » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:51 am
Mike and Carol were on their annual summer vacation, this year bringing them to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. They've always loved the ocean and a balcony view for sipping their early morning cups of coffee while overlooking the magnificent sea side view.
Unfortunately, Carol experienced a major seizure while there, which of course she was rushed her to the nearest hospital.
Upon initial investigation, a brain MRI discovered a significant tumor on the right hemisphere of her brain. A biopsy was done (Still waiting on the results) Medical staff are investigating if the tumor is related to a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis or (Hopefully not) a Malignancy.
Because of the precariousness of her present condition she was transferred to Duke University Hospital where she is receiving treatment, awaiting diagnosis and a plan of getting through this.
Mike has been with her through all of it and his business taken a toll as it has been closed for weeks. So as you can imagine money has been tight. Back and forth to hospital everyday (making Uber lots of money) hotel costs etc. it has taken a toll on him. Please any donation would be appreciated.

One of our members, [REDACTED], needs our assistance, and it is serious. Any amount can and will help his family with the issues that are going on. And if you cannot donate, please share this around with as many people as you can.

As a community, we are here for each other and stand by together, for the good and the bad. Thank you for reading this.
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Re: Please Consider Helping (Serious)

Postby SpellChecker » Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:05 am

Help Ashley Beat Cancer!

Ashley Roma, better known by Hedatu, has been a regular member of our community, but she just started her greatest battle. Hedatu needs all of our support as she fights against cancer.

Even if you are unable to donate, please share this, and spread the word.

Help Hedatu Beat Cancer!

In November of last year, Hedatu started to become ill. She had always been healthy, but suddenly she was suffering from repeated bouts of the flu, colds that would not go away, and crippling fatigue. Hedatu is a young, 26 year old wife and mother of two, but she knew that her body was starting to feel different. At first her doctor attributed her symptoms to the normal side-effects of living with two young children. But Hedatu's symptoms did not go away. In January of this year, she became disoriented and collapsed while she was alone with her two sons. After a frantic call to her mother, and a trip to the Emergency Room, Hedatu was found to be Anemic. She recieved a blood transfusion and was sent home, with an antibiotic and instructions to take less motrin. But she started to have problems again.

Soon Hedatu was having dizzy spells, and heart palpitations. She was short of breath and couldnt stand on her own. She was told that she was pregnant - Good News! The antibiotics had interferred with her birth control, and her pregnacy was thought to be the source of her new symptoms.

However, the good news was quickly met with a deavastating revelation. On March 2nd, Hedatu went to a scheduled follow up appointment for her Anemia. The next morning, at 5:30AM, she recieved an urgent call from her doctor's office. Her red blood cell count had come back below 5. Her counts were so dangerously low, that she was told to go to the nearest ER immediately. Once there, her count was confirmed to be only 4.8. After another transfusion, she was transferred to a larger hospital.

The new hospital told Hedatu that they were unsure of the cause of her Anemia. Her iron counts were fine, but that something else was seriously wrong. The only thing left to check was her Bone Marrow.
An hour and a half later, Hedatu's world came crashing in when the doctor delivered the results of the test.

At 26, while pregnant with her third child, Hedatu was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia, or AML, is a swift moving cancer, and Hedatu needed to start treatment as soon as possible. The doctors explained to Hedatu that at the early stage of her pregnancy, her baby would not be able to survive Chemotherapy. However, equally devastating, she was told that if she chose to delay treatment, she and her baby would most likely be gone in a few short months, leaving behind her husband and two young boys. In order to fight to be cured, to live, and continue to be a mother to her children and a wife to her husband, Hedatu was forced to let go of her unborn child.

Doctors told Hedatu that had she not been pregnant, she would not have gotten diagnosed in time. Her unborn child saved her life at he cost of its own.

Hedatu is courageously fighting against the cancer
- even as she is forced to be separated from her family while she is in the hospital recieving treatment. Her immune system has been weakened so much by the chemotherapy, that she cannot even see her husband or two boys due to the risk posed by a common cold.

Hedatu and her family remain strong, but they need our help to withstand the tremendous financial burden they are facing in this harrowing situation. Before her diagnosis, Hedatu and her husband were planning a move to a new home. In February, she started working at a new job. So less than a month later when she discovered she had cancer, the company had no legal obligation to keep her and she lost her job. Her husband is a disabled Veteran, and his salary alone is barely enough to keep the family afloat.

Please donate to support Hedatu's fight against cancer, and help her family to get back on their feet.

Even if you are unable to give monetary assistance, please help by sharing, and spreading the word about this campaign.

This Go Fund Me campaign was started by Ashley's Sister, Rachel Foster. Please join us in supporting Hedatu as she Beats Cancer!
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