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Re: Share your game stories! [Post Game Stories Here]

Postby Xeinhartz » Mon Nov 15, 2021 11:47 am

Joacgroso wrote:They didn't laugh that much, but you can read the game here since people insisted in reporting the veteran despite him being safe from punishment. I guess it was a good idea since he whispered "didn't expect it to work" after killing 4 townies.

I wouldn't say town was that stupid in that game, it's just that 2 townies messed up, one of them probably on purpose.

Well, at least they laugh right. :BlobTea:

I am not so surprised that veteran guy safe from punishment because personally i myself think there is something wrong with this game banning system.
This is me speaking from my experience.
I actually got banned permanently too because using inappropriate IGN "loli headpatter" they say it's a childporn. :lol:

And i am sure, this is just one from many cases, that veteran guy is one from many example. :starwars:

Speaking of sharing game stories. I am gonna share my own, i played as a witch and siding with townies. But throughout the game, i am hiding myself from townies and mafia. Until there is 1 townies[investigator], 1 mafia[gf], 1 jester and 1 witch left.

Noted, i already lost my protection on night 2 because mafia attacked me once. I know mafia group meant ill will to me, the proof is they tried to lynch me and not whispering me even though they know i still alive after attacked during the night. Somehow, townies not buying i am actually witch, and i saved from hanging. From then on, i decided siding with town even though i will lose at the end. So after 4 of us left, i keep witching godfather to attack himself during the night making the situation 'deadlock'. Godfather suggested us, so that jester random haunt to decide the game result while he himself whispering to jester. I know, godfather trying to make conspiracy against townies. After 2 night(almost reaching draw result), i convinced jester and townies through whispering to pretend follow along godfather suggestions, but jester will haunt godfather at the end.
So, townies and jester won, while godfather cursing me and jester. I would say it's a plot twists. :lol:
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My trolling story

Postby mustiboi999 » Tue Nov 23, 2021 6:13 am

I today as a Consort rb’d a GA and even told my fellow Mafia to kill him to ruin his game
I later apologised
It was kind of fun but I was lynched so I apologised to the GA
Luckily he was very chill
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Re: Share your game stories! [Post Game Stories Here]

Postby dolphina » Sun Dec 05, 2021 1:16 am

i rolled tt jailor.
need i say more

(town got fucking steamrolled because of a gamethrower in town)
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Feeling Sad For JigglyPuff

Postby PoisonFish » Sun Dec 05, 2021 10:56 am

So today Jigglypuff (Kalvinz) was WITCH and Witched IMA TROLL night 1. He makes a mistake whispering to another player and gets identified as WITCH on Day 2. While he is being hung, he outs Ima Troll as Executioner.... Why? He says Ima Troll is annoying, because of his birthday meme.

Am I mad, certainly not!. I feel sad for JigglyPuff. Imagine, being a trash player and outing someone because of a harmless meme.

JigglyPuff... Be Better

Kalvinz.... You are better than that!
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Re: Share your game stories! [Post Game Stories Here]

Postby JAF1970 » Mon Jan 03, 2022 4:30 pm

Every Mayor's dream: the last day reveal one on one.
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Re: Share your game stories! [Post Game Stories Here]

Postby JAF1970 » Sat Mar 19, 2022 3:25 pm

Nothing angers me more than an idiot mafioso who attacks someone.... I forge .... and they don't attack... I turn off forge.... they at the last second attack.
Just. Moronic.
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Re: Share your game stories! [Post Game Stories Here]

Postby Boredfan1 » Wed Apr 27, 2022 7:49 pm

Ranked practice, I'm doctor and I visit the guy who seemed like a possible jailor. That night, the ambusher killed someone else who visited the possible jailor and I of course saw who it was. I told town but they ignored me and called me a liar and even an executioner. Even when I came out as doc and had invest results to back me after days of pleading them to hang the tarnation ambusher, they didn't. And the guy I went to heal? Mafia. Naturally, the mafia won....

Edit so I don't double post.

I was executioner in ranked practice, my target was med and I claimed sheriff, saying they were sus d4 and they got hung. Town played well, nearly won, having gotten out most of the maf but didn't find the last maf or witch. I accidentally helped them hang the bodyguard too when I was trying to help them win to give exe a better rep. In the end, it was down to me, the jailor, the witch and the mafioso. The mafia and witch won having killed jailor all the while, the mafia pleading that they can help me meanwhile, I already won, lol. So I take this as a spiritual loss.
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Re: Share your game stories! [Post Game Stories Here]

Postby Jared » Thu May 26, 2022 12:23 am

Gonna keep this brief, but just wanted someone to share this story with.

For the first time in forever, perhaps moreso on the literal side than metaphorical (it's been years), I was given the transporter role. On day 1, the jailor revealed himself. Now, I didn't know that it was considered a no-no to transport the jailor, so I transported him with someone else for his own protection, Jailor dies, and this was noticed by the Spy (and I also confessed it when I saw I got jailor killed). So, my fellow townspeople put me up on the stand to hang but decide in the end not to hang me (however, two mafs and one poor-sport townie voted guilty).

Now that everyone knows I am transporter, I am concerned for my life. I figured the mafia would try to target me, and they did -- multiple times. I figured it was highly likely those three who voted guilty were mafia, and indeed two of them were. So game progresses, then we get to Day 8. The angry townie that thought I was gamethrowing had rage quit upon dying at the hands of the mafia, and we lost others to the mafia as well (we rarely put anyone on trial that game).

Day 8: three townies, two mafia. We know for certain who the three townies are (well, I am gambling that the sheriff is who they say they are and their innocent new player inquiries earlier on made me doubt they were the godfather) and the two mafia are at this point. Now here's the catch: one of the townies are AFK. So we can't vote up the last two mafia. So on Night 7, I transport myself with one of the mafia. The poor fellow is killed by their own organization.

Day 9: Three townies, one mafia. We still can't get enough votes to vote up the last mafia since the third townie is AFK. So we know that it's a gamble: I must transport the right individuals, and the godfather must hope that I don't transport them.

Night 9: I figured that the mafia had figured out I was swapping myself with others for the entire game (known based on my confessions and in part because of the Spy's reports), aside from Night 1. I knew it was unlikely the godfather would target the AFK player. So I swapped the AFK player with the sheriff, and it worked -- the godfather was trying to go after the Sheriff, but killed the AFK player instead.

Day 10: The godfather said GG, but still tried to keep up the act somewhat and took it like a good sport. It really was a close game but managed to get the mafia to kill each other at a critical moment, and then kill the wrong townie at the end. The sheriff and I voted up the godfather and victory was ours.
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Re: Share your game stories! [Post Game Stories Here]

Postby Joacgroso » Thu May 26, 2022 6:52 pm

Well played!
Joacgroso wrote:I feel like I went from Light Yagami to Keiichi Maebara.

I still hope one day the game will have private lobbies. They would really help.
Also, please nerf vampire hunters.
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Re: Share your game stories! [Post Game Stories Here]

Postby tonicpower » Fri Jul 01, 2022 3:17 am

3 jailers jailing each other... they all realized what was going on

1 game I was amne, a dead pestilence and a dead surv. The tryharder inside me claimed amne, "remembering surv", not knowing there were 3 other amnes that all remembered pestilence instead. we could've had 4 horsemen but nooo I decided to be an asshole AND got lynched for it. Imagine I survived the apocalypse tho XD.

Last game I played I was guardian angel and had the bright idea of faking exe for my target, trying to make town think i'm exe so they leave him be as confirmed townie/sused townie and me as exe/sused sheriff so I said N1:my target - sus. Sadly they had a psy claim which is a bad claim AND an actual exe for them XD. I did realized the guy who followed my target D2 was evil too but it didn't strike me they were also exe for my target so they pushed him D3 I tried to lawyer him up but sadly ended in 5 to 4 guilty. I'm sorry I got greedy and didn't even heal them. Also I swear that exe was cheating, cuz I whispered my target I was their GA and the exe whispered me "You're stupid" as if they saw my whisper. I'm sad I didn't get to report them for cheating. I got banned for it so see yall in 6 days lol. Totally forgot it's Kinjutsu. Also I burned a GA scroll before I got banned so I want it back!
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Re: Share your game stories! [Post Game Stories Here]

Postby Tricks » Mon Jul 25, 2022 11:44 am

people need to stop accusing other for "reghunting"

I was GF, n1 random picked 2 whos not talking d1 , when suddenly my mafioso accused me for reghunting. I changed my target after mafioso picked

N2 I ask him whats reghunting and he just said don't lie and I should know what I did. (???????)

D3 2 said that mafioso outed whole mafia to him, when I already changed target n2. Obviously we lost after this because of this mafioso.

I never reghunt people and MAfioso spite-revealed maf to 2 just because I was reghunting, shitty experience thanks to mafioso.
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