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Bug Reports

Postby angelp92 » Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:24 pm

Device: iPad 4th gen
Os: iOS 9.2.1

Issues encountered:

1: "X was slaughtered last night" is the only death explanation, even if only killed by one person. (Edit: death by jest shows just killed, but not by what)
2: No cause of death is given. Killed person as GF, no "killed by mafia"; fellow maf killed by vet, no "killed by veteran".
3: chat log and general chat are not very responsive. Takes several clicks to enter/exit chat box/log. (Edit: not needed atm, but report doesn't work)
4: double wills, only one of which responds to record info, and everyone seems to have a death note.
5: Shows character as having left, despite still being in the game (John the vet was actually the last to die)
6: Random reveal sun button day one...I was GF, what did I have to reveal? Lol (Edit: shows up in all my games, seems to act as jailor selection)
7: No day/night X in chat log, would be detrimental to recording information of prior action taken if needed.
8: end game was a mafia win, but only listed my teammate as winning, not me (Though I did get the win recorded in my stats I think)
9: chat shows "me" when finished typing, rather than chosen username. Likely to cause confusion (imagine another player who happened to pick "me" as a name.
10: A WW win showed up as draw in chat, but displayed WW win pic so idk.
11: The lack of defined death cause ruins certain role, i.e. Witch (did I find maf or sk, idk)
12: Commands do not work. No /repick in lobby, no /W in game (very detrimental for roles like witch/sur when you would like to work out alliances)
13: Dead, yet alive on screen with option to vote (though it doesn't go through obviously).
14: Dead chat is the same color as general, living chat. Makes things quite confusing (should it be faded like in pc?)
15: keyboard overlaps box where you type in name to add friends. Basically, I can't see name of person I'm trying to add when I type, I have to exit typing to make sure it's correct.
16: Randomly disappearing name over my character (I'm the nameless entoan skin).
17: Mafioso displayed "decided to kill" rather than "voted to kill" ( as if I was GF)
18: Fellow mafia mates names, as well as the victims name, sometimes do not appear bolded in maf chat.
19: Not too important, but the I in first win of the day is also capitilzed.
20: Colors of "innocent" and "abstain" votes look very similar.
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Re: General game bug reports

Postby supermansupers » Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:59 am

Also everything you say is in caps on my tablet and If you turn off music on the app it stays on :P
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