Issues when playing Escort [ranked]

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Issues when playing Escort [ranked]

Postby Atalaya » Wed Mar 03, 2021 7:03 pm

Today I joined a ranked queue. I've been playing before and today, like other days, I was lagging a little. It was so much, in fact, I couldn't even choose a name, I got stuck with a generic one. I thought that'd be the worst of it, but after I got my assigned role (escort) when on the first night I realized I couldn't click on any of the names to perform the night ability of my role.

I was livid and desperate. I could write on my will, and it'd save, I could report and ignore the people on the graveyard, but no matter how much I clicked, NOTHING on the bottom right panel worked. I couldn't even vote during day time! I could only chat and whisper. Needless to say, because of it I couldn't be of help and we lost. I don't want to have this issue with this role or any role. I don't know what went wrong (I don't even know if it was bug, but I suspect it was since only THAT ONE PANEL was malfunctioning). I was "Martha Corey" in a ranked match, if that helps anything, I might have gotten reported for "gamethrowing" but I did NOT do it on purpose.

Hope the issue can be fixed... or at least explained, I'd like to know why/how it went so horribly wrong for me.

Thank you.
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