[FORUM] What classifies as a necrobump?

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[FORUM] What classifies as a necrobump?

Postby Nellyfox » Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:52 pm

Let's start off with the definition of a necrobump.

To necrobump means to bring back a thread that has not been posted on in a long period of time to bring it up to the first few pages of a board.

Rule 22 of the forums states the following:
22. No Forum Necromancy.
Forum Necromancy is when you post on a thread that has been inactive for a period of time (usually a month and older). This can confuse both old and new members alike.
This rule is flexible. If you post on a "dead" thread, usually the thread is locked and a public reminder is given. There are some exceptions to this.
Continually reviving dead threads illegally will result in a warning.

Why is this the case?
Well, when threads "die", they do so because people lost interest in the conversation, or there was little value for discussion. This rule, however, is flexible. There are certain cases when bringing back a dead thread is okay.

1. You are the creator of the thread.
2.The thread has five or more pages.
3. It has been less than a month since the thread was last posted on.
4. You have a good reason on why you are reviving the thread; these may vary.

Reminder: posts made specifically to "bump" a thread are not allowed! Posts that violate our spam rule will be removed.

If you are still confused about this rule, private message a moderator or make a thread in Ask Questions.
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