Disguiser Strategies?

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Disguiser Strategies?

Postby EqsyLootz » Mon Feb 17, 2020 12:04 pm

I have played about 20 games as disguiser whether it be Ranked, Coven All Any or regular gamemodes. I often struggle to find the perfect strategy of Disguiser and I'm Curious if anyone has any tips for me. Normally I tend to stay afk for a while in attempt to get a TI to claim and I CC them only to disguise later on and comfirming my mafia members.

Example: Sheriff reveals, I disguise at them, Create a will and purposefully act suspicious just to get lynched and in my will 1 or 2 of my teamates "Seem Innocent"
Besides that I can't really seem to find real strategies involving this role and due to this Disguiser is concidered a "Useless role" and is truely unbenificial to mafia. Theres no fakeclaim relied to this role as you can claim doctor and flip sheriff by accident. This causes many issues. Any strategies?
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Re: Disguiser Strategies?

Postby PatrykSzczescie » Tue Feb 18, 2020 5:30 am

The best way to play a disguiser is to stop relying on your ability. Act like a normal mafia, try to survive and dump the blame on townies. The most useful thing you can do is in case you die, you reveal the role of the one you visited. You can try fooling mediums your will was forged. Nevertheless, you play without intending to die to make your ability work.
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