Psycho - Neutral Killing

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Psycho - Neutral Killing

Postby QTmcwee » Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:23 pm

Psycho || Neutral Killing
You are a cunning Serial Killer, who knows how to avoid detection with ease.

Attack: Basic | Defense: Basic

-You may choose to attack someone each night.
-You may choose to do nothing each night.

-Every-time you do not kill, you become less suspicious.
-After killing while being Tier 2 or 3, you will revert back to Tier 1 the following night.

Tiers: A standing of power. Each Tier allows a certain attribute to be gained.

TIER 0: Spoiler: Default Tier, you only have Basic Defense and Attack. You kill your Roleblockers and the Jailor, when jailed.
-Sheriff's will find the Psycho as: Your target is a Psycho!
-Consiglieres/Witches(CL/PM) will find the Psycho as: Your target knows how to disappear with ease. They must be a Psycho!
-Investigators will find the Psycho as: Your target could either be a Doctor/Disguiser/Serial Killer(/Potion Master) or Psycho!

TIER 1: Spoiler: Is acquired when the Psycho doesn't kill for 1 Night after TIER 0, they will gain the following:
-Sheriff's will find the Psycho as: Your target is a Psycho!
-Consiglieres/Witches(CL/PM) will find the Psycho as: Your target is skilled in trauma care. They must be a Doctor!
-Investigators will find the Psycho as: Your target could either be a Doctor/Disguiser/Serial Killer(/Potion Master) or Psycho!
NOTE: If the Witch(CL) controls a TIER 1 Psycho, they will see them as a Doctor, however the Psycho will kill the selected player. The Psycho will revert back to TIER 0 the following night, if they killed while in TIER 1.

TIER 2: Spoiler: Is acquired when the Psycho doesn't kill for 1 Night after TIER 1, they will gain the following:
-Detection Immunity from Sheriff's, Consiglieres, and Witches(CL/PM).
-Powerful Attack.
NOTE: A TIER 2 Psycho cannot be controlled.

TIER 3: Spoiler: Is acquired when the Psycho doesn't kill for 1 Night after TIER 2, they will gain the following:
-Complete Detection Immunity from Sheriff's, Lookout's, Tracker's, Consiglieres, Witches(CL/PM).
-Control and Roleblock Immunity.
-Unstoppable Attack.
-A TIER 3 Psycho does not kill their Roleblockers or the Jailor, when jailed.
-A TIER 3 Psycho kills protected players, but dies in the process.

We found (Player Name) dead in their home last night. They were skewered by the Psycho.
You have decided to kill (Player Name) tonight.
You feel bored after killing (Player Name). <===Occurs at the end of the Night. Notification for losing TIER Abilities.
You have decided to wait before you spill more blood. <===Occurs when you decide to do nothing.
You feel yourself grow excited the more you wait. <===Occurs at the end of the Night. Notification for gaining TIER 1 Abilities.
You feel yourself grow exhilarated the more you wait. <===Occurs at the end of the Night. Notification for gaining TIER 2 Abilities.
You feel yourself grow intoxicated with the wait. <===Occurs at the end of the Night. Notification for gaining TIER 3 Abilities.

Cloaked Killer - Win your First Game as Psycho.
Veiled Killed - Win 5 Games as Psycho.
Concealment - Win 10 Games as Psycho.
Psychopath - Win 15 Games as Psycho.
Catch Me If You Can - Win 20 Games as Psycho.
Knife Fight - Kill a Serial Killer, Attacking you.
Righteous - Don't attack your Roleblocker or Jailor.
Shadows - Avoid detection when you kill someone being Watched, while you're being Tracked.
Juggernaut - Achieve TIER 3 Abilities and Attributes, 4 times in one game.

Aesthetic Note: Psycho rtl. rgba(139,69,19,1) rgba(139,69,19,0.5)

Goal: Standard Neutral Killing Win. (NOTE: Psycho's win with Serial Killers.) (If there's anything I missed, please comment. If you do not like this role, then give some feedback, or, do what I know most of you do and comment: "THIS IS F***ING S**T!!1!1" "This is just an OP SK." "This is just an OP Mayor"(You know who you are troll) "/NOSUPPORT" :lol:)
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Re: Psycho - Neutral Killing

Postby sunbird1002 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:39 pm

This role seems somewhat similar to an old role of mine going by the name of Ghost. The main problem here is that it has a very low KPN (Kills Per Night) if you want it to achieve any of its upsides. Otherwise, it is a Serial Killer, if your not going with any of its upsides, and the problem there is that this is a buffed Serial Killer, because NOT killing gives you upsides, unlike a normal SK where not killing gives you no upside. However, not killing is bad play by NKs, so it is stuck to try and get the most KPN, and that makes it a serial killer.

Also, NKs don't win with other NKs. I can see where you are going there, but sadly, NKs winning with eachother doesn't make much sense, as they have little way of knowing who eachother are. They should be lone winners.

Overall, the low KPN and the mediocre to weak upsides of the role for basically shooting yourself in the foot makes this role not want to use its unique abilities. When it does, its just identical to a SK.

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Re: Psycho - Neutral Killing

Postby Schultz128 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:18 pm

Very good idea in my opinion, although I would say that at Tier 0 they should have no defense at all to keep this from being "SK but better/dumber".

Not overtly complex, nor that much of a stupid gimmick. It's a risk/reward setup and it's definitely one of the best NK ideas I've seen in a while.

Issue with NKs and Neutrals in general is that the game doesn't really need anymore of them in all honesty.

This NK seems more of something you'd use in Casual play rather than Ranked play, as it's not as mechanically solid as a SK to be viable in ranked. Frankly I don't think anyone will make a NK that's better than SK in terms of balance. SK is about as good as you can get with NK without being underpowered or overpowered, so I usually look at NKs from a casual perspective.

When making a NK (preferably for casual/non-ranked play, because frankly you won't have a better NK than SK), answer these questions:

1. Is this NK at the same strength level as Serial Killer?

If the answer to this is no, then it's a sidegrade gimmick. It's really that simple. SK has a solid KPN with kill immunity with an ok investigation result. Not overpowered, but not necessarily underpowered. The thing that makes SK hard to win with is just the lone wolf gameplay.

2. Does this NK have a solid, not overtly complicated mechanic?

If the answer to this is yes, then you're doin' good son. Nothing makes me more rustled than seeing "Arsonist that can only douse on Prime Number Nights but can douse an additional target for every vote they get during the days prior to that night".

3. Is this really needed?

This is a lot more subjective and definitely more debatable, but if the role doesn't provide something original to the game, or at the very least an interesting spin on an existing mechanic, then it's really not good.

Regardless, good role. I'd support it for Casual but not for Ranked.
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Re: Psycho - Neutral Killing

Postby KarlBowers » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:34 am

It's like Juggernaut but better.
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Re: Psycho - Neutral Killing

Postby BasicFourLife » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:06 am

This is a better SK, because on T0 it has everything a SK has + extra abilities. T0 needs to be weaker, while the other Tiers need certain buffs because reaching T3 is never worth it. If you did that you’d have 0.33KPN throughout the game. Lessening the Tier amounts to 2 and moving T3 buffs to T2 while nerfing T0 may help.
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