Soul Swapper (Neutral Chaos)

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Soul Swapper (Neutral Chaos)

Postby adamkad1 » Wed Jan 12, 2022 6:56 pm

Role Name: Soul Swapper

Role Alignment:[/b] Neutral Chaos

Abilities: During the night, you can target two people.
You can't target the same people next night.
You can't target yourself.

Attributes: The people you target will have their roles swapped for the night (E.G. if you swap a doctor and mafioso, the doctor will attack their target and the mafioso will heal their target.) They will receive their usual role messages (E.G. Doctor gets 'target was attacked' message if mafioso's target was attacked, etc)

Your ability will fail if you target a multi-target role (like transporter) unless both of your targets are such (E.G. Transporter and disguiser. If this happens, disguiser will transport their targets, and transporter will disguise their target A as target B)

If target A cant visit but B can, target B will instead stay at home, and A will visit B's target if possible.

If both targets cant visit, nothing happens.

If one of the targets visits themselves, the swapped target will do it instead (E.G. Doctor selfing with Mafioso- Doctor attacks self, mafioso heals their own target)

Swap Priority: 1 (but not highest)

Roleblock immunity, control immunity, detection immunity, unique, no attack, basic defense?

Goal: Survive until the end of the game. Cause chaos.

Wins With: Everyone

Additional Information:
Interactions with certain roles

GF: (GF and doc) GF will order their mafioso (or themselves) to heal the target of the doctor. The doctor will attack the GF's target (Unless you guys want 2 mafia kills in one night for when mafioso is present)
Mafioso: (mafioso and doc) If there is GF, mafioso will heal GF's target, otherwise they will heal the doctor's target. The doctor will attack GF's target. Net neutral result if GF exists and has a target
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Re: Soul Swapper (Neutral Chaos)

Postby WaveAqualei » Thu Jan 20, 2022 12:53 am

I think this role is more confirmable than Survivor along with it having the same Win Conditions as Survivor makes it have boring and easy plays.
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Re: Soul Swapper (Neutral Chaos)

Postby Soulshade55r » Fri Jan 21, 2022 10:08 am

sounds annoying for anyone else playing and has a survivor wincon i don't get the reason behind this role.
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