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Re: [Newcomer FM] NFM64 | Game Over | Mafia Win

Postby TheDebil » Wed Feb 27, 2019 11:51 pm

JuvenileFourtyTwo wrote:
TheDebil wrote:
JuvenileFourtyTwo wrote:But how was I?

you were alright but shouldve claim to avoid giving us another town lynch

See what happened there is I was going to make a claim shortly after I made that post, but class started and by the time I could claim, I was already lynched.

rip lol
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Spoiler: game 1 vs polypies (i win)
game 2 vs polypies (lynched him before he could win, so i win)
game 3 vs wabbit (wabbit accepted and forfeited, i win)
game 4 vs dota (dota disqualified for cheating, i win)
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