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Re: VFM70 | Manatees (pt. 2) | Night 4

Postby ZoruaLuhansk » Tue Jul 14, 2020 1:27 pm

signatures disabled gang gang
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Re: VFM70 | Manatees (pt. 2) | Night 4

Postby lemonader666 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 7:54 pm

ZoruaLuhansk wrote:signatures disabled gang gang

don't wanna brag but this works fine in a post too
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Re: VFM70 | Manatees (pt. 2) | Night 4

Postby Chemist1422 » Wed Jul 15, 2020 7:31 am

someone please unsticky the thread
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Re: VFM70 | Manatees (pt. 2) | Night 4

Postby jucktropy » Wed Jul 15, 2020 7:41 am

What is wrong with you lemon
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Re: VFM70 | Manatees (pt. 2) | Night 4

Postby LOLingHyena » Wed Jul 15, 2020 6:58 pm

GG, all. <3 It's a shame that I didn't get into the CC battle that I wanted to get into with Jay over the Visitor claim. ;-; That would've been fun. Had I known Chemist had a chance to be Jailkeeper, I might've considered Jailkeeper instead. <3
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