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Postby alex1234321 » Tue Feb 23, 2021 8:33 pm

OreCreeper wrote:
alex1234321 wrote:
OreCreeper wrote:
DiamondRanger8 wrote:Personally, I still stand by that Neutral are better for the competitive balance and for entertainment value than faction v faction modes. It removed the purpose of most of the Investigator results, and now, the Town doesn't have to worry about priorities of who they should lynch. Instead, it's just, "They're Mafia, lynch them" and there's much less strategy in lynching imo.

I don't know if you just play with bad players, but as far as I could remember, town lynched/killed anyone who they found out were mafia even back when NK was in ranked.

If you have a scummy Doctor claim and a scummy Sheriff claim in an SK game who are you going to push/check? What about in a game with no NKs?

It really doesn't matter because the SK can be both the sheriff and the doctor claim. I would probably push the sheriff claim first actually, because sheriff is almost always a suspicious claim while some evils with the exception of some RMs are more hesitant to claim TP because of the TP/LO meta. If it's a scummy sheriff vs scummy anything, the sheriff claim would immediately be more suspicious in my eyes, unless the other guy is like a vigilante claim who hasn't shot at all on d6.

I wasn't really thinking about this in the context of metas since NKs aren't in Ranked right now, but there are definitely better examples under the TP/LO meta. SK would have a hard time claiming Spy unless one or both RMs dies early on, and even with TP/LO I would expect that SKs would claim Doctor more often than Spy. If Mafia is about to gain majority, you would definitely want to lynch the player who claims Spy since Mafia is the biggest priority and the SK might even be beneficial. A scummy Doctor claim may be slightly more believable, but if it's early on the SK is probably going to be the highest priority to eliminate a KPN, especially if one or two of the Mafia members have been eliminated.

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