When reporting a bug...*Please Read!*

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When reporting a bug...*Please Read!*

Postby Nellyfox » Sat Nov 22, 2014 1:24 pm

First of all, please try CLEARING YOUR CACHE. If you don't know how, check this site and follow the instructions. Many common bugs people experience are easily fixed by clearing cache.
It is also possible to clear your Flash Player Cache.

Welcome to the bug reports section. We thank you for your assistance in helping the developers make the game better by pointing out these errors.
Before you post your thread, I ask that you look here and follow these guidelines:

Before posting a bug, check this thread to see if what you experienced is actually a bug.
Please use the search function to see if the bug you encountered has been reported already. Multiple threads about the same bug clutters the board, and we'd like to keep it neat. If the bug you encountered already has a thread, you are free to post there if you are experiencing the same issue or found a fix.
Please do not joint thread. By joint thread I mean reporting multiple bugs in the same topic. When moving threads to the appropriate sub-board, it makes it hard for the mods to decide to leave the thread where it is or move it to fixed/not bugs.
Please, please, please be an active responder to your report. You may have to answer some questions that will help us figure out what is the cause for a bug, and we will need to know if the bug was fixed, and what fixed it, if possible.
Can't log in? Check this thread for methods to help with login issues.
Please include screenshots when reporting bugs. Screenshots are almost always NECESSARY when reporting bugs. If you don't have screenshots, likely your report will be rejected, since it's hard to go off of just word. That, and visuals are nice. For role related bugs, please include a screenshot of the full role list in the post game lobby.
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How to include Screenshots with your bug report

Postby PyromonkeyGG » Mon Dec 22, 2014 6:56 am

1.) Go to the screen that you wish to post on the forum.

2.) Press the "Print Screen" (Prt Scr) key found in the upper right section of most keyboards. When you press this key, your computer copies whatever is on your screen. (⇧⌘3 on Mac)

3.) Paste the screen shot into an image program. Open Paint or similar and paste it into there and save that file as a .png or .jpg

4.) Go to http://imgur.com/ or http://tinypic.com/ (you don't need an account to use these services)

5.) Click Upload, then Browse and then locate the desired file on your computer. Upload that picture to tinypic.

6.) After you upload your file, TinyPic displays various codes that help you use that file in numerous social networking or messaging functions. Copy the URL.

7.) Go to the forum and start your post. Correctly enter the URL of the uploaded screen shot image. Selection the whole URL of your image and click on the "Img" button just below the port Subject. It should looks something like this when you are done: Spoiler:
Code: Select all

8.) So people don't have to load the huge image to view your thread, highlight the image-text and hit the 'spoiler' button. Your post should now look something like: Spoiler:
Code: Select all

9.) Preview your post to make sure the screenshot is correct. If it's not, double-check the URL. If it's correct, click "Submit."

Thanks for reading!

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