Most Common Bugs That Aren't Actually Bugs

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Most Common Bugs That Aren't Actually Bugs

Postby Nellyfox » Mon May 16, 2016 3:40 pm

I referred friends to the game and I didn't get my reward!
Those you referred did not make a real currency purchase. Refer to this thread: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=41921

I bought the Steam Version and didn't get my 5$ worth of Town Points!
To get the Town Points you need to link your Steam account with your Town of Salem account. Steps for linking here: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=22676

Maps, player skins, or houses won't load!
This is usually fixed by clearing your browser cache. If you don't know how to do this, click here for a guide.

I was Investigator/Sheriff and my target came up as Framer/Mafia, but when we lynched them they were another role!
The Framer targeted who you targeted, therefore making them appear as Framer/Mafia.

I was investigator, I checked someone and when they were killed they were a totally different role.
Transporter swapped your target, making you check someone else entirely, or your target was a Disguiser.

I was investigator and my target came up as "Bodyguard, Godfather or Arsonist", but they were a totally different role.
Your target was doused when you investigated them.

I can't use the Image BBCode on the forums.
The Image tag was disabled for non-Trusted Users after a troll attack. In order to get into Trusted Users, you need to get 150 posts and be in good standings on the forums.

I was Godfather and the only other person alive was Serial Killer, and the SK won. Why didn't it draw?
The stalemate detector kicked in to not make the game not end in a draw. Since Serial Killer is harder to win as, the win was awarded to them.

I was Survivor/Bodyguard/Doctor, I vested/self-healed and was transported, and I died! Why?
When you perform any action on yourself, your character will visit itself. So, if you are transported with someone else, you will no longer be visiting yourself, and therefore not protecting yourself.

I was Doctor and healed a revealed Mayor but they died anyway!
Doctors cannot heal revealed Mayors.

Target didn't die from werewolf when staying at home with no doctors.
Solely, it is registered as you attacked yourself as it counts as a self-visit when you stay at home. Therefore, not a bug.

I was Vampire and we weren't able to bite anyone!
The maximum amount of Vampires that can be alive at one time is four. The only way to get a new member after that is if an Amnesiac remembers they were a Vampire, or a Vampire dies.

I was Vampire and we couldn't bite anyone and we didn't have four members.
Some roles are immune to Vampire's conversion. These includes Witches, night immune roles, jailed targets, those healed by a doctor, and Vampire Hunters.

I was playing a game and it froze as the timer hit 0.
This generally means you disconnected from the game. Make sure you have stable Internet Connection. If everything else works fine, then it's more than likely just the server having issues and booting people off as it's overcrowded.

I was Veteran and I was told I shot someone, but they didn't die.
Doctors can heal players who were shot for a Veteran; this also goes for those who get attacked by a Werewolf, a counterattacking Bodyguard, and those attacked by a Bodyguard.

An Escort/Consort visited a jailed (and executed) Serial Killer and still died.
Intentional, Serial Killer kills all roleblockers regardless of their condition.

Jailing/transporting doesn't work with leavers?
Intentional feature.

Amnesiac can remember non-Town unique roles?
An intentional feature, note that there can still only be 1 unique role alive at a time.

I can't use the < symbol.
This was disabled as people used code to break the chat with bold, italics, etc.
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