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Report ID: 3720896
Reported User: Warwu
Report Submitted: Jun. 25, 2022 6:34 pm
# of reporters: 1
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
Details: hate speech against lgbt and trans ppl
homophobic ranting about transgender being degenorates
Lobbyfindcheesebread: who wants a piece of the champWarwu: i love fopdoodlefindcheesebread: stalinWarwu: ppl always leave when they see meWarwu: they think im a throwerWarwu: Kyke...Warwu: Kyle*FujiX: KYLE!!!ctevan: whats your favoriet breadFujiX: 10/10 would bang kyleKyleIsamzing: im not kyle on gfuel btwfindcheesebread: cheesebreadKyleIsamzing: but I am very sexyctevan: kyle is a 16 year old boyfindcheesebread: who wants to find cheesebreadgracefultoad30: I AM THE HOST. ALL LGBTQ SUPPORTERS LEAVE. NORMAL PEOPLE ONLYgracefultoad30: I AM THE HOST. ALL LGBTQ SUPPORTERS LEAVE. NORMAL PEOPLE ONLY.KyleIsamzing: lets goooooooctevan: youre not hte hostWarwu: kyke is named tyler snyder but you didnt hear that from megracefultoad30: I AM THE HOST. ALL LGBTQ SUPPORTERS LEAVE. NORMAL PEOPLE ONLY !!emncn: hhhgctevan: you are literally not the hostKyleIsamzing: all HEIL THE HOSTKyleIsamzing: SEIGBrink1995: nein!ctevan: but hes notctevan: factuallyfindcheesebread: no cheesebread for the stalinKyleIsamzing: he actually isKyleIsamzing: smhWarwu: Im host i declare him as hostB4rfcat: oOoKyleIsamzing: fucking dumbassPlayers are choosing namesbigmike: bigmike is backdr sex: its me... DR SEX.KylesBiggestFan: KYLE!!!dr sex: Lets do the procedure! has left the game.Day 1Avge Rust Player: helloAvge Rust Player: yesKylesBiggestFan: KYLE IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!bigmike: bigmike here tp loSamuel Sewall: im jailor, tp/lo on me pleaseKylesBiggestFan: I LOVE YOU KYLE!!!!!dr sex: im banana manAvge Rust Player: I am KyleisAmzingKylesBiggestFan: LOVE ME BACK BABY!Avge Rust Player: flock to meNight 1Samuel Sewall: role?Phteven: vig herePhteven: might need an esc on meKylesBiggestFan: who do i kill goddaddy?Samuel Sewall: whyKylesBiggestFan: okayPhteven: witchPhteven: I might shoot 10 thoughPhteven: flk that guyTransporter swapped frick with jonsie.Witch made cheesebread target dr sex.Mjorr checked jonsie.Day 2I Quit If Evil has been killed.I Quit If Evil was attacked by the Ambusher.Mjorr has been killed.Mjorr was attacked by the Mafia.William Phips has been killed.dr sex: stonks d1 ;DSamuel Sewall to dr sex: role?frick: rbed and trasnedcheesebread: cheesebread- cheesebread n1: witchedbigmike: n1- bug 12, MV 6, 9x2dr sex to Samuel Sewall: BGAvge Rust Player: yesAvge Rust Player: good start for townAvge Rust Player: lets goSamuel Sewall to dr sex: will?dr sex to Samuel Sewall: BG DR SEX!n1: 12 GETS THE PROCEDUREfrick: so consort game?KylesBiggestFan: I LOVE YOU KYLE!Avge Rust Player: wellSamuel Sewall to Avge Rust Player: role?Avge Rust Player: 1 is sadly fakedr sex: so so so :) lets erm VFR?KylesBiggestFan: IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!bigmike: i already posted u bozosDefensebigmike: n1- bug 12, MV 6, 9x2Avge Rust Player to KylesBiggestFan: kill 12 he is asking for daddy's roleJudgementdr sex: oh inno nvm me im dumb :)Samuel Sewall: town inno this, up 8 for roleKylesBiggestFan to Avge Rust Player: who are you?dr sex: 8 you d bagAvge Rust Player to KylesBiggestFan: im Kyledr sex: claimSamuel Sewall to Dickbrain Bigcum: role?KylesBiggestFan to Avge Rust Player: role?bigmike: how dare u up bigmikeDickbrain Bigcum: how did they visit 9 twice with ambusher and mafiaso killingfrick voted innocent.dr sex voted innocent.Samuel Sewall voted innocent.Phteven voted innocent.jonsie voted innocent.Hugh Jass abstained.KylesBiggestFan abstained.cheesebread abstained.Sarah Bishop voted innocent.Avge Rust Player voted innocent.Dickbrain Bigcum abstained.Avge Rust Player to KylesBiggestFan: im sexy Kyledr sex: 8 non claimingAvge Rust Player to KylesBiggestFan: that is my rolebigmike: the two RMs visited 9Samuel Sewall to Sarah Bishop: role?Avge Rust Player: I dont need to mfDickbrain Bigcum: thats fake willAvge Rust Player: hoodusfrick: i was roleblocked so 1 is consortdr sex: slow as fkdr sex: vote 8Sarah Bishop to Samuel Sewall: tkDefenseAvge Rust Player: hoodus u dumb motherfuckerSamuel Sewall to Sarah Bishop: what tk?Avge Rust Player: imma say 3 thingsAvge Rust Player: 12 is exeDickbrain Bigcum to Samuel Sewall: ill only tell u on the stand or in jailSamuel Sewall to cheesebread: role?Avge Rust Player: I am townSarah Bishop to Samuel Sewall: vigAvge Rust Player: I am medJudgementfrick: isnt 12 jailor?Samuel Sewall: ye im jailor 8cheesebread to Samuel Sewall: cheesebreaddr sex: well if that is soSamuel Sewall: all guiltydr sex: we already lost :=)dr sex: guiltyfrick voted guilty.dr sex voted guilty.Sarah Bishop abstained.Phteven voted guilty.cheesebread voted guilty.Hugh Jass voted guilty.KylesBiggestFan voted guilty.jonsie voted guilty.Dickbrain Bigcum abstained.Samuel Sewall voted innocent.bigmike abstained.Avge Rust Player: well then 12 is just plain throwing idkAvge Rust Player: idk why he wants me deadSamuel Sewall to Sarah Bishop: if real shoot 4KylesBiggestFan: get abstainersAvge Rust Player has been lynched.Samuel Sewall to Phteven: if real shoot 5dr sex: jailor didn jail 12 sooo we r fked ;3Dickbrain Bigcum: spy will was fakePhteven to Samuel Sewall: kdr sex: im real jailor TP LO on meMjorr: damndr sex: 12 is exeNight 2Mjorr: 9 is inno btwdr sex: Bruhdr sex: Bruhfrick: huhKylesBiggestFan: bruh who is jailor lolI Quit If Evil: Sarah Bishop is the Ambuser.Avge Rust Player: if you dont get 12 imma fuck u upSamuel Sewall: dr sex: im real jailor TP LO on medr sex: i did that so you could exedr sex: i did that so you could exeSarah Bishop: omg jailor wants me to shoot 4Hugh Jass: i hypno gfdr sex: you fucking morondr sex: you fucking moronSarah Bishop: 12 is jailordr sex: you are getting witched if i dont do thatdr sex: you are getting witched if i dont do thatKylesBiggestFan: tell jailor that his def is highAvge Rust Player: 5 is ambusherKylesBiggestFan: lolHugh Jass: ill hypno him to be healeddr sex: you had a LO on yoU?dr sex: you had a LO on yoU?Avge Rust Player: are you mafia 11?Samuel Sewall: yesfrick: attack jailor?Sarah Bishop: im going down so taking tp with medr sex: med told me 5 is ambusherdr sex: med told me 5 is ambusherAvge Rust Player: 5 is ambusherSamuel Sewall: and you fakeKylesBiggestFan: nahdr sex: dumbass we lostdr sex: dumbass we lostAvge Rust Player: 9 is innodr sex: NICEdr sex: NICEKylesBiggestFan: they have TPSarah Bishop: no not yetRetributionist made Mjorr target frick.Samuel Sewall decided to execute dr sex.Day 3bigmike has left the game.dr sex has been killed.Avge Rust Player: man 12 is just throwingdr sex: niceAvge Rust Player: just report himdr sex: he really did not understand my play there he is so low IQSarah Bishop has been killed.Sarah Bishop was attacked by a Vigilante.Phteven: that was dumb af 11dr sex: nahAvge Rust Player: no It was smartdr sex: you just dont play rankedI Quit If Evil: jailor is dumber.Avge Rust Player: he would claim jailorPhteven has been killed.Phteven was attacked by the Mafia.Avge Rust Player: and self vestdr sex: yeah.dr sex: and witch would witch meAvge Rust Player: fucking dumbassdr sex: 12 would exe smbdr sex: and we would maybe winSamuel Sewall: always fun when town claims jailorDickbrain Bigcum: TOWN COME TOGETHER TO HANG JAILOR!!!!! NOW!!!!! HE WILL RUIN THE GAME FOR US IF WE DONT ELIMINATE HIMcheesebread: n2: cheese bread (hypnotist visited cheesebread)Avge Rust Player has left the game.I Quit If Evil has left the game.dr sex has left the game.Mjorr: town lost..Samuel Sewall: ye and i was gona exe 7 untill 11 claimed jailorKylesBiggestFan: I LOVE YOU KYLE!Dickbrain Bigcum: UP 12Dickbrain Bigcum: cuz ur a fucking retardPhteven has left the game.Samuel Sewall: sure thingcheesebread: rudeSamuel Sewall: you want me to let my cc live?Dickbrain Bigcum: not even self awareDefenseDickbrain Bigcum: lol jailor is throwingDickbrain Bigcum: probably trans with his psychological problemsJudgementcheesebread: rudeSamuel Sewall: you say this and you still refuse to claimfrick: this is def jesterSamuel Sewall: all guiltyDickbrain Bigcum: retarded jailorSamuel Sewall voted innocent.jonsie voted guilty.cheesebread voted guilty.KylesBiggestFan voted guilty.frick voted innocent.Hugh Jass voted guilty.Dickbrain Bigcum: definitely a black trannyDickbrain Bigcum: retardDickbrain Bigcum has been lynched.Samuel Sewall: idk how town expect jailors to do anything when they refuse to claim and fake claimfrick: oh hes just stupid?cheesebread: report 7cheesebread: hate speechNight 3Dickbrain Bigcum: hate speech wtfKylesBiggestFan: hola mi amorDickbrain Bigcum: trannies are psychological abominationsfrick: we could attack jailorSarah Bishop: homophobicSamuel Sewall: i should have known you were evil when you didnt spam d2KylesBiggestFan: IM KYLES BIGGEST FAN!!!!Hugh Jass: exe, witch or jailorDickbrain Bigcum: i hate degeneratesKylesBiggestFan: i was eating lolKylesBiggestFan: im not evil thoHugh Jass: thats all thats aliveSamuel Sewall: oh okSamuel Sewall: doesnt matterDickbrain Bigcum: you should be culled if ur trannyWitch made frick target Hugh Jass.Day 4Sarah Bishop: your a degenerateHugh Jass has been killed.Hugh Jass was attacked by the Mafia.bigmike has been killed.Hugh Jass: exe, witch, jailor and 4 maf... witch controls Mafioso into maf....frick to jonsie: are you witch or exejonsie: Im witchKylesBiggestFan: im gayKylesBiggestFan: just hang jailorjonsie: 4 exeKylesBiggestFan: and its ggcheesebread: 2 maf 1 witch 1 exe 1 townSarah Bishop: wtf would witch do that?KylesBiggestFan: 12 is confirmed jailor soKylesBiggestFan: we win?Samuel Sewall: exe is still exe?Samuel Sewall: or jest?KylesBiggestFan: exe cant existcheesebread: cheesebread won as exeKylesBiggestFan: unless they wonKylesBiggestFan: ahh gotchaDefenseJudgementcheesebread: don't forget to report 7 for hate speechjonsie: kcheesebread: ggsKylesBiggestFan: what did he say?KylesBiggestFan voted guilty.cheesebread voted guilty.frick voted innocent.jonsie voted guilty.Samuel Sewall has been lynched.cheesebread: some stuff abt lgbt and trans pplKylesBiggestFan: ggezcheesebread: both in game and in lobbyDickbrain Bigcum: youre so sensative jailor u probably are a faygotGameOverMafia has won.frick: ggsDickbrain Bigcum: end ur life faygotKylesBiggestFan: imma get tacos nowcheesebread: no uSarah Bishop: reported 7Dickbrain Bigcum: trannies are gorss abominationsSamuel Sewall: 7 your so mad that town lost but you troll all gamefrick: 7 has a micropenisSamuel Sewall: XDDickbrain Bigcum: lol because i dont support faygotryfrick: 2 inches hardDickbrain Bigcum: im going to kill trannies when im older youkl seeDickbrain Bigcum: torture the faygotEnd of Report
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