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Report ID: 3715459
Reported User: Arob5
Report Submitted: Jun. 17, 2022 11:05 pm
# of reporters: 3
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
Details: kept using homophobic slurs but changed some letters so the filter wouldnt flag it
Lobbytopfothemorn947: Nah bro you spittin fr bro you on glizzy on hamburgers on cheese I'm cheesin rn bro fr fr lmao DDD:Mitch3: did i hear glizzy?!?!FireLarm: PenisArob5: MigchDotorUrive: porn themeArob5: Shit upPlayers are choosing namesAmerican Cheese: I am American Cheese!Swiss Cheese: I am Swiss Cheese!American Cheese: noSwiss Cheese: CHINA CHEESEEEEEEEEEVernon: Hi guysDay 1John Willard: i am surv and i will afk nowSwiss Cheese: cheese!American Cheese: I am America's favorite cheese product!Blue Cheese: i'm a cheese no one likesVernon: Hi my name is vernonDoodle: EnjeebSwiss Cheese: CHINA CHEESEEEENight 1Day 2Swiss Cheese has been killed.Swiss Cheese was attacked by the Ambusher.onion has been killed.onion was attacked by the Mafia.Swiss Cheese: Let's goSwiss Cheese: I was killed firstSwiss Cheese: Awesomepolo: SHREKS ANUSAmerican Cheese: American Cheese is the way to go!Vernon: Up 14 mad sussssssssonion: read nt willBlue Cheese: hang 15, they are ambush. idk how but i apparently saw them last nightonion: my*Vernon: Dudes a fqg bagCalifornia: 14 is ambusheronion: only the left letters thoBlue Cheese: im bgCalifornia: I saw them last nightBlue Cheese: u bitchVernon: Bet up -44Blue Cheese: 3 and 14 mafSwiss Cheese: OhCalifornia: 14 amb lynch himAmerican Cheese: Hmmm, two ambushers??????Swiss Cheese: FunnyBlue Cheese: *15onion: lmaoonion: tyRupert mcbutt: Snizzy crizzy pizzyCalifornia: No its 14Blue Cheese: 3 and 15 maf ezy gameSwiss Cheese: IT"S 15California: Hes saving himselfAmerican Cheese: What does American Cheese think????Vernon: Maf over with fqggotsSwiss Cheese: I saw him prepare an ambushonion: okDefenseBlue Cheese: well i guess this is a town full of retardsDoodle has left the game.Blue Cheese: i ssaw 15 prep and ambushJudgementCalifornia: Guilty this is ambusherBlue Cheese: and im bgVernon to Blue Cheese: haiCalifornia: For sureHan has left the game.Blue Cheese: dubmassesAmerican Cheese: mayo???? kethcup????Blue Cheese: 3 and 15Blue Cheese: mafVernon: FqggotCheese dog voted guilty.I am mexican abstained.Big J voted guilty.Vernon voted guilty.China Cheese voted guilty.John Willard abstained.American Cheese voted innocent.Rupert mcbutt voted guilty.California voted guilty.polo voted guilty.Blue Cheese: ketchupBlue Cheese: is betterCalifornia: Easy exe winBlue Cheese has been lynched.California: Thanks ambusherVernon: Im townVernon: Shut uponion: yoSwiss Cheese: yoNight 2onion: read my willSwiss Cheese: is there a medonion: but only the far left lettersRupert mcbutt: Cali bruhSwiss Cheese: pls tell me there is a medCalifornia: HihiBlue Cheese: so how tf did i see ambusher?California: WhTever im drunkSwiss Cheese: I SAW YTHAT TOOSwiss Cheese: it's china cheese right?Blue Cheese: yesSwiss Cheese: It literally saidSwiss Cheese: And I quoteonion: ambusher can only kill 1Retributionist made onion target Vernon.Day 3Blue Cheese: how did i see it thoonion: everyone that visits sees the ambushonion: woahpolo has been killed.polo was attacked by the Mafia.onion: lots of deadBlue Cheese: lmal get fucked 15China Cheese has been killed.China Cheese was attacked by a Vigilante.Blue Cheese: in ut tight buttholeSwiss Cheese: "You saw China Cheese prepare an ambush while visiting your target"Swiss Cheese: I'm so sadSwiss Cheese: Offended evenSwiss Cheese: how could you go for cheeseCheese dog has been killed.Cheese dog was attacked by the Ambusher.Swiss Cheese: Us cheeses must stick togetherCheese dog has left the game.Blue Cheese: we can stick together in the afterlifeSwiss Cheese: YesSwiss Cheese: indeedDoodle has been killed.Han has been killed.China Cheese: :'(Swiss Cheese: China cheese how could you ;-;American Cheese: CHEESE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?California: I am jester please lynch me i will haunt mafiaVernon: I was hauled off to jail by 5 what that h-e-double hockey sticksonion has left the game.polo has left the game.Vernon: Up 3 hes a fqggotSwiss Cheese: YoCalifornia: Yes thank youBlue Cheese: bruhSwiss Cheese: wtfSwiss Cheese: whySwiss Cheese: do people do thatAmerican Cheese: Cheese wants to up 1????Vernon: Shut up 3California: I will haunt 10I am mexican: are you crazy 10?Vernon: Sugma penysCalifornia to Rupert mcbutt: rb 5DefenseBlue Cheese: lolVernon: Bruh im townJudgementAmerican Cheese: Cheese thinks this is a jester??????????????????????????????Big J has left the game.John Willard: i am still surv gonna abstainCalifornia voted guilty.John Willard abstained.Rupert mcbutt voted guilty.I am mexican voted guilty.American Cheese voted innocent.Vernon has been lynched.California: NafiaSwiss Cheese: Cheese is smartNight 3Blue Cheese: i guess thats one way to get hungCalifornia: Mafia winsCalifornia: Hahahahha im drunkVernon: LeggooooBlue Cheese: kill 3China Cheese: no new china without the communist partyVernon: Nah 9Vernon: Hes gBlue Cheese: bitchRetributionist made Blue Cheese target American Cheese.Day 4John Willard has been killed.John Willard was attacked by a Jester.John Willard has left the game.Big J has been killed.Vernon: Gg boysAmerican Cheese: Someone roleblocked American Cheese?????????California: Up 7 i guessBlue Cheese has left the game.Rupert mcbutt: HmmmVernon: I win u lose now u get a penys in ur buttSwiss Cheese: NooCalifornia: Im jesterSwiss Cheese: Blue cheese leftI am mexican: 7 nafia?Swiss Cheese: ;-;American Cheese: That's an anti american Cheese sentiment I detect!Rupert mcbutt: IdkRupert mcbutt: 7 role?I am mexican: up 7California: Im drunkAmerican Cheese: American Cheese is not a member of the mafiaRupert mcbutt: Role call?California: VampCalifornia: Im vampRupert mcbutt: Im consortAmerican Cheese: American Cheese wants to up 4!I am mexican: mmmm I don't think soDefenseAmerican Cheese: American Cheese appears to be outnumbered!Vernon: Winner winner chicken dinnerSwiss Cheese: He's innoSwiss Cheese: I'm pretty sureJudgementVernon: Ya its 3 maf on 1 loserRupert mcbutt abstained.California voted guilty.I am mexican voted guilty.American Cheese: American Cheese is sad that jester lostAmerican Cheese has been lynched.California: Im mafiosoVernon: Jester won dumba$$American Cheese: D:Rupert mcbutt: SusSwiss Cheese: Welcome to the afterlife American cheeseAmerican Cheese: No need to be rude :(California: GgGameOverMafia has won.American Cheese: ggI am mexican: ggEnd of Report
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