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Report ID: 3713570
Reported User: Jdjdkddmdi
Report Submitted: Jun. 15, 2022 5:27 am
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Inappropriate IGN
Lobbyekin3131: aa beyzaaPlayers are choosing namesDay 1John Proctor: im jailortploStyle: free kill on 11Evil: I'm so sorry guys.. I'm Evil :(Albatroaz: Damn 5Evil: also yeah, 11's name aint coolWardrobe: tplo escort on 7Albatroaz: How could you??John Proctor: tploescspyNight 1miyav: selam beyzaJohn Proctor: claimStyle: bgMeow: SelamStyle: 7's name is distastefulStyle: 11***John Proctor: whyStyle: i meant 11John Proctor: yh he's a known throwerWitch made Grim target Style.Thomas Danforth checked MaYoRr.Albatroaz investigated Grim.Day 2Wardrobe to John Proctor: shot 3 people lolTheBeggining has been killed.TheBeggining attacked by a Veteran.Meow has left the game.miyav: ikimiz de oldukTheBeggining: Wellcup to John Proctor: cup the sheriffn1 - 2, target jailedn2 -miyav: :dTheBeggining: ggGrim to John Proctor: Grim - EscortN1- John Proctor (witched)Albatroaz to John Proctor: InvestigatorN1 - 2 - Esc, Trans, Cons or HypnoStyle to John Proctor: n1-[jailed, attempted rb]miyav has been killed.miyav attacked by a Veteran.Wardrobe to John Proctor: holy shitJohn Proctor to cup: 2 wasnt jailedMeow has been killed.Meow attacked by a Veteran.TheBeggining has left the game.Wardrobe to John Proctor: 3 mafcup to John Proctor: huh? then why did that come up?Grim: Grim - EscortN1- John Proctor (witched)Albatroaz: Why would you kill and invest the same target?Wardrobe: wowJohn Proctor: bruhThomas Danforth: n1 14 inno gfJohn Proctor: gj vetStyle: well damnEvil: kill, invest, and frame the same targetDeodat Lawson: Really maf?Evil: this mafJohn Proctor: normally vet n1 kills townWardrobe: i thought it was gonna be 2 townGrim: who did i block?Style: meWardrobe: im the vet btwcup: wp 12John Proctor: up 9cup: lolcup: hahahahmiyav has left the game.cup: i wannna dieStyle: why 8cup has left the game.Style: why 9John Proctor: kJohn Proctor: he leftJohn Proctor: had a wrong willStyle: or funsiesStyle: do it for the joyDeodat Lawson to John Proctor: fyi. Im escort that rb you. So if 2 is real. Theyre rt1DefenseNiggcr sl aves: Doctor n- - 7Niggcr sl aves: Doctor n1 - 7******JudgementJohn Proctor: just kill him for the nameStyle: name fails, kill itEvil: just guilty itEvil: yeahWardrobe: im killing for the nameJohn Proctor: we won this anywayDeodat Lawson to Wardrobe: be careful alerting. Witch will send people into uThomas Danforth voted guilty.Deodat Lawson voted guilty.Albatroaz voted innocent.Grim voted innocent.MaYoRr voted guilty.James Russel voted guilty.Wardrobe voted guilty.Style voted guilty.John Proctor voted guilty.Evil voted guilty.Wardrobe to Deodat Lawson: oh im not alerting anymoreNiggcr sl aves has been lynched.Evil to Wardrobe: I'm comin for yaWardrobe to Evil: niceEvil to Wardrobe: bang bangJohn Proctor: ok thenGrim: huhStyle has left the game.James Russel to Wardrobe: alert tonight pleaseWardrobe: party at mineNight 2John Proctor: roleMaYoRr: exeMaYoRr: what can I do when all evils are dumb afThomas Danforth checked Evil.Albatroaz investigated Deodat Lawson.John Proctor decided to execute MaYoRr.Day 3James Russel has left the game.Wardrobe has been killed.Wardrobe was attacked by a Vigilante.Evil to John Proctor: lol 12 didn't alertEvil to John Proctor: I said I was comin for him lolDeodat Lawson to John Proctor: 2 is legit. I was rb. But immune. And i rb 6MaYoRr has been killed.Albatroaz to John Proctor: N2 - 1 - Esc, Trans, Cons or Hypnocup has been killed.Grim to John Proctor: N2- 1Style has been killed.GameOverTown has won.Evil: lol 12MaYoRr: gg cheaterWardrobe: ggJohn Proctor: ggAlbatroaz: Well gg I supposeDeodat Lawson: 6 was lastEvil: gg, report 11John Proctor: easyWardrobe: ?Wardrobe: ohEnd of Report
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