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Report ID: 3678927
Reported User: JeremyFisher2
Report Submitted: Apr. 27, 2022 3:32 pm
# of reporters: 4
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
Details: jeremyfisher please ban him
Cursing in Lobby, saying bad stuff.
LobbyHelgrindd: howdy thereKristal321: heyoLem: Hi :3Rinea: Hi!Kristal321: It is himJeremyFisher2: KRISTAL DRINK BLEACHRinea: Kinda funny I got Tracker 2 times in a rowKristal321: lmaoKristal321: Jeremy be proud ur famousJeremyFisher2: hope you get lynched in front of your familyNightWolf6428: Most powerful role dies cause of a loverSioncePatLilly: jeremy I can forum report youKristal321: in the Forums for ban requestsJeremyFisher2: stfuPlayers are choosing namesLovers Game.Potion Master: Glhf!Sionce: cool Jeremy is actually in the game. we can report him.HeY HeY: Do they look liek some Bleach drinking trumpite?d has left the game.Day 1Horny Flareon to John Hathorne: gfPotion Master: Hi!waldosty to Potion Apprentic: skHeY HeY: FuckCrimson Tanooki to Sionce: trapper herechrundle: woofJohn Hathorne to Horny Flareon: retHeY HeY: solo psySionce to Crimson Tanooki: pbPotion Apprentic to waldosty: im trackerLemur to Potion Master: I'm medusa what about youPotion Master to Lemur: Trapper here!These: 13 left lmaoHeY HeY: not that it means a lotCrimson Tanooki to Sionce: niceHeY HeY: >>Potion Apprentic: he got no maidensThese: It was JeremyLemur to Potion Master: not gonna gazeHeY HeY: bye y'allNight 1These checked waldosty.Day 2HeY HeY has been killed.HeY HeY was attacked by the Mafia.Potion Apprentic to waldosty: anything happen to you?Potion Apprentic to These: role?These to Potion Apprentic: These the Sheriff N1: 7 susPotion Master to Lemur: I will do my best to protect you!waldosty to Potion Apprentic: nahHeY HeY: E: lemur, Potion master or SionceHeY HeY: Gonna runLemur to Potion Master: tysmHeY HeY: ttfnPotion Apprentic to These: hes my lover, im trackerPotion Apprentic to These: was wondering why you visited himThese to Potion Apprentic: alrHeY HeY has left the game.d has been killed.Potion Master to Lemur: Im gonna trap you, dont worry!Potion Apprentic to These: he is sk fyiThese: These the Sheriff N1: 7 sus (has Town Lover)chrundle: woofThese: 7 is goodwaldosty: yes i am a blue towniePotion Master: YeeHorny Flareon: TIs?waldosty: TI ded dedHorny Flareon to waldosty: im gf my lover is retCrimson Tanooki: Tracker wanna claim?Potion Master to Lemur: Im gonna brinf you something tomorrow!Potion Apprentic: Potion apprentice the trackerN1: 2 -> 7Potion Apprentic: sureThese: vfr 1?waldosty to Horny Flareon: wanna stab each other?Potion Master: OopHorny Flareon to waldosty: no lets stab singlesCrimson Tanooki to Sionce: do you need a trap? It will only kill ww thoDefenseEimaa: ?Eimaa: DoctorN1 - heal 3(someone roleblocked me)Eimaa: doctor claimwaldosty to Horny Flareon: imma chill at home for nowHorny Flareon to waldosty: who is your lover so i dont stab themJudgementPlayer: fake i thinkPotion Master: Theres room, innowaldosty to Horny Flareon: just dont attack anyone yet lolThese: Any cc?Horny Flareon to waldosty: i wanna go for lovers winThese: No ccSionce to Crimson Tanooki: I don't know if I need one or not because What if arso or dusa tries to attack me? am I immune to arso/dusa?Potion Apprentic: so TS1 is esc?Horny Flareon: no ccsPotion Master: I cc TP, but roomEimaa: i was rb this nightHorny Flareon: ts1 escortThese voted innocent.Crimson Tanooki voted innocent.chrundle abstained.Horny Flareon voted innocent.Sionce voted innocent.Potion Master voted innocent.John Hathorne abstained.Player voted innocent.Potion Apprentic voted innocent.waldosty voted innocent.Lemur voted innocent.Balex voted innocent.These: 3 role?Defensechrundle: woof?Crimson Tanooki to Sionce: it will only kill dusa visitng you i think?chrundle: woof :(Sionce to Crimson Tanooki: they're gonna vfr me what should I do :(waldosty to Potion Apprentic: 14 is claiming theyre GF with a ret lover btwCrimson Tanooki to Sionce: ill claim im there loverJudgementEimaa: tryed to heal him at night, hang in dayPotion Apprentic to waldosty: put it in your will that if i die to dusa 15 is dusaBalex: let the dog liveHorny Flareon: does the dog have an owner (tl: lover)?Sionce to Crimson Tanooki: and then evils will kill youwaldosty to Horny Flareon: hes insisting i kill singles with himPotion Apprentic to waldosty: okThese: Do they have a Lover?chrundle: woofLemur: no i guesBalex voted innocent.Eimaa voted guilty.waldosty abstained.Horny Flareon voted guilty.Sionce voted guilty.Player abstained.John Hathorne abstained.These voted guilty.Potion Apprentic voted guilty.Crimson Tanooki abstained.Potion Master voted guilty.Lemur voted guilty.Horny Flareon to waldosty: who is he we can kill singles togetherwaldosty to Eimaa: hey go on 5 pls theyre trackerchrundle: woof :(Horny Flareon to waldosty: tell him not to stab 8Horny Flareon to waldosty: 8 is my loverchrundle has been lynched.Sionce: we lynched a puppywaldosty to Horny Flareon: man just stay homeEimaa to waldosty: u sure?Lemur: :(Balex: no doggy diedSionce: hope you're proud of yourselfCrimson Tanooki: SadPotion Master: Lolwaldosty to Eimaa: yes hes my lover heal him plsBalex: monstersPotion Apprentic: i killed a dogwaldosty: woofCrimson Tanooki: Me? I didnt had a grudgePotion Apprentic: operation scooby dooNight 2chrundle has left the game.These checked Player.Day 3Lemur: :((((Eimaa has been killed.Eimaa was attacked by the Mafia.Potion Master: Sorry lover :(Sionce to Crimson Tanooki: 2, 5, and 11 got infected when I infected you.Lemur: npnpPotion Master: When I get a lover I always die soonPotion Apprentic to Horny Flareon: why did you kill the doctorLemur has been killed.Lemur died from heartbreak.Potion Master: :(Lemur: sameHorny Flareon to Potion Apprentic: singlePotion Master: I wanted to bring you flowers :(Lemur: «3Potion Apprentic to Horny Flareon: I was told you had a ret loverCrimson Tanooki to Sionce: doc ruined my trap on confirmedHorny Flareon to Potion Apprentic: i doPotion Master has been killed.Potion Master was ignited by an Arsonist.Potion Apprentic to Horny Flareon: so why kill the docHorny Flareon to Potion Apprentic: i want to see the singles deadPotion Master: My bestie said that flowers help people to feel happyLemur: they do unless you have allergy thowaldosty: escort youre lucky AF i cautioned, i told everyone yesterday i am SKThese: N2: 11 ns/gfSionce to Crimson Tanooki: does town win now?Potion Master: Thats truePotion Apprentic to Horny Flareon: stop killing peopleThese: 4 claim pleaseHorny Flareon to Potion Apprentic: christ finePotion Apprentic to Crimson Tanooki: role?Horny Flareon to Potion Apprentic: what are you?Sionce: I have lover :(Sionce: I have town loverHorny Flareon to Sionce: who is your loverCrimson Tanooki: 4 is my loverCrimson Tanooki: Im last tpwaldosty: 14 i told you not to kill anyone wtf dudeThese: Just give us a rolePotion Master: But I hope you dont have allergySionce to Horny Flareon: 15Potion Apprentic: 15 goodHorny Flareon to Sionce: go for lovers win?Lemur: nope I dont fortunatelywaldosty: so 9 is arso then\Sionce to Horny Flareon: sure?Potion Apprentic: i thinkPotion Master: Because I brought you rosesThese: 8 role?Sionce to Horny Flareon: what are you?Horny Flareon: lynch 9 todayHorny Flareon to Sionce: gfPotion Apprentic: 15 was on me last night soHorny Flareon to Sionce: ret loverDefenseHorny Flareon to Sionce: we're going for lovers winHorny Flareon to Sionce: sk isnt so keen on the ideaPotion Master: And neither I have allergiesBalex: i am arso but GF is taking my jobCrimson Tanooki to Potion Apprentic: yeah, wanted to set a trap, but doc busted itBalex: so screw themSionce to Horny Flareon: I like your playing styleJudgementwaldosty: yeah 14 keeps stabbing townies even tho he has a ret loverwaldosty: idk whyHorny Flareon: lovers winHorny Flareon: thats whywaldosty: thats dumbwaldosty: youre gonna get your lover killedSionce: that's not dumnJohn Hathorne abstained.waldosty voted guilty.Horny Flareon voted guilty.Crimson Tanooki voted guilty.Sionce voted guilty.These voted guilty.Potion Apprentic abstained.Player voted guilty.Horny Flareon: if we all cooperate it's not dumbSionce: you know whats dumb? expecting evils with lovers to just sit there.Balex has been lynched.Potion Master: Oh! Do you like sweets?Sionce: forcing them not to play their role.Potion Apprentic: he killed a doctorHorny Flareon to Sionce: stabbing 5waldosty: cry some more about it 4waldosty: he also killed psyLemur: I love everything with sugar lolHorny Flareon to Crimson Tanooki: heal 8, sk is going to kill him tonightGameOverTown has won.Horny Flareon: fuckPotion Master: Same!Lemur: ggsBalex: ggHorny Flareon: lovers win failSionce: you're the one crying 7Horny Flareon: :(These: ggwaldosty: thats an easy way to get your lover a lossCrimson Tanooki: ggHorny Flareon: ggsPotion Master: Aw 10 lost I feel sad :(Horny Flareon: onto the next one!Potion Master: I wanted 10 to winEnd of Report
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