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Report ID: 3677057
Reported User: 43PercentTurnt
Report Submitted: Apr. 24, 2022 11:57 pm
# of reporters: 3
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: d2
Outed themself and the CL on the stand when CL bussed them. <3~~
LobbyCWM1010: dont give a fuckCWM1010: 12 was dumbvoodoo1x: lolCWM1010: end ofvoodoo1x: i mean yeah. smart vig should have shot meChrischris40: RosebugsmmovmjsjsmwkwksoososododkdsoosokdaffidilfrogsunflowerantndmekekekemsmCWM1010: i didnt want to play tracker anywayChrischris40: SexCWM1010: i fucking hate trackerChrischris40: Cum is fumvoodoo1x: im made from cumImAGreenEyedFreak: And that was my target last game.....ChrisChris40.....voodoo1x: it wasnt that bad of a commentImAGreenEyedFreak: o_0Chrischris40: ?CWM1010: yeah im pretty pissed off nowCWM1010: people blamed me for thatChrischris40: Who are you greenCWM1010: when 12 is literally on the known evil of psychic visionImAGreenEyedFreak: I was gaChrischris40: OhChrischris40: YeahChrischris40: I was crus who killed vipChrischris40: Gamervoodoo1x: lolSoliii: yoCWM1010: nah im fucking calling 12 out if they join our lobbyChrischris40: Not my fault the mofo tracker vip went on a suspected medusa that claimed tpImAGreenEyedFreak: They're probably all in a different gameUserCarly: mmm vip should never visit lolvoodoo1x: vip should always visitImAGreenEyedFreak: Lol VoodooCWM1010: it shouldnt fucking matterUserCarly: not when theres a dusavoodoo1x: dont be a bitch ass vipvoodoo1x: do your role like everyone elseIdkBruv2: Oop-CWM1010: crusader should know not to be on the evil of psychic visionCWM1010: like a dumb retardUserCarly: okayyy voodoo is in the wrong game thenImAGreenEyedFreak: Omg it's just a game.....IdkBruv2: ^voodoo1x: what you mean?ImAGreenEyedFreak: One I suck at most times....but a game nonethelessCWM1010: nope- im pissed off bc people blamed me for that when it was 12's fucking fault-UserCarly: so whoever 12 was is dumb lolCWM1010: eritela fuck offIdkBruv2: ItUserCarly: new gameCWM1010: leave eritelaCWM1010: you're bad at crusaderIdkBruv2: It happens*CWM1010: leaveUserCarly: chill manvoodoo1x: is that who was 12Eritela: what?CWM1010: yesCWM1010: that was 12Eritela: you mean two games ago?Eritela: When I was protected by the crus from pirate?UserCarly: sometimes people are dumb, move onvoodoo1x: that was last gameEritela: And then tracker VIP visited me and got killed by the same crus that killed pirate on me?CWM1010: yes you fucking went on the known evil of psychic vision-Eritela: Oh, I was in another gameEritela: I had crus on me. I couldn't die.CWM1010: and that's why you're dumb.Chrischris40: Why dont you track some bitchesUserCarly: why do i even bother-IdkBruv2: LolImAGreenEyedFreak: Please I'm crus who goes on VIP and kills other crus a lotEritela: idiot VIP tracker went on someone who was KNOWN to be guarded by crus.CWM1010: i do not give a shit.UserCarly: can we get this lobby going so they can stopEritela: lolUserCarly: i summon thee extra playersEritela: Not my fault you suck.CWM1010: not my fault you suck too-UserCarly: children pleaseChrischris40: Ineed that tracker threwEritela: we can be awful together «3IdkBruv2: Lovely lobby we're invoodoo1x: the vip didnt go on youUserCarly: drink your juiceboxes quietlyChrischris40: Stfu. UEritela: the vip went on me, and got killed by crus on me.ImAGreenEyedFreak: Lol Uservoodoo1x: you were on medusa and you killed the vipUserCarly: this is gonna be my first game of the night lets not make me regret hopping onIdkBruv2: FinallyEritela: then why'd tracker go on dusaChrischris40: Why dont you track some bit hesIdkBruv2: BruhUserCarly: i summon thee final player!UserCarly: damnUserCarly: thought it would workvoodoo1x: he didnt know who they wereChrischris40: 12 wasnt medusaIdkBruv2: Let's have fun this round lolImAGreenEyedFreak: No, it'll be an awesome game UserEritela: either way, tracker made a poor choice.UserCarly: agreed43PercentTurnt: oh lmao the braindead one is hereUserCarly: :DCWM1010: cant have fun with eritela the retardvoodoo1x: ./summon a smarter playerEritela: lmfaoUserCarly: please stop calling people thatvoodoo1x: it workedCWM1010: i dont give a fuck~43PercentTurnt: says you cwm, you reghunting headcaseChrischris40: Holy shit everyome shut the FUCK upCWM1010: turn on filter if u dont like itPlayers are choosing namesVIP Game.Nope: Lol!Ummm trapper: Im trapperZoot: I think someone is going to throwTigerShark: uwuDay 1VIP: Ummm trapper.Voodoo: im crus on vipHades: yargJohn Willard: on 7Zoot: Let's have fun and do our bestNight 1Did ye backpedal: Kill 15ConnorwithlowIq: kayBudew: 14, you're already living up to your nameBudew: i'm controlling 15Budew: so kill 7ConnorwithlowIq: its referncing someone elseConnorwithlowIq: and you said kill 15ConnorwithlowIq: cry moreCovenLeader made John Willard target Did ye backpedal.Day 2John Willard has been killed.John Willard was attacked by Medusa.John Willard was attacked by Potion Master.Ummm trapper: Psychic N1: 2, 5, 12 (e)Crus on Dusa: I was poisoned. If we have a doc, on me. If not, any doc claims should be lynched.Budew: Budew the Sheriff; N1 - Connorwithlowiq (14) - SuspiciousDid ye backpedal: That pmrs dumbjhope: n1- 9 ---> nvUmmm trapper: Any cc?ConnorwithlowIq: nah that was a dumb CLVoodoo: please tell me a tracker was on them...Crus on Dusa: I CC sheriff!!Crus on Dusa: Sheriff. N1 - Pirated. Chainmail.Voodoo: ok up 14ConnorwithlowIq: you can just tell the CL was responsible thereZoot: 1f1?Crus on Dusa: yeah, 1f1.Crus on Dusa: I was poisoned anywaysolil: im ga btwConnorwithlowIq: sheriff is ccedConnorwithlowIq: soDid ye backpedal: The cc or the first claim?Ummm trapper: CcDefenseConnorwithlowIq: budew is gamethrowingConnorwithlowIq: have fun with that informationJudgementVoodoo: wait one of the sheriff claims was poisoned. so inno this and up 2Crus on Dusa: Vigi, shoot 2. I'm dying to poison tonight anyway, unless we have a doc.Did ye backpedal: AH WE DO INFACT HAVE A GAMETHROWE; CONNORConnorwithlowIq: imagine pushing your own PM for no reason in a vip gameConnorwithlowIq: actual idiotsolil abstained.TigerShark voted guilty.Zoot voted guilty.Voodoo voted guilty.Crus on Dusa abstained.Ummm trapper voted guilty.jhope voted innocent.Nope voted guilty.Thornet abstained.Budew voted smoothie voted guilty.Hades voted guilty.Did ye backpedal voted guilty.ConnorwithlowIq: CL fucked up killing 15 and got mad and threwConnorwithlowIq: report 2Ummm trapper: Dont shoot 2 lolCrus on Dusa: Vigi, shoot 2. Doc on me if we have one, otherwise doctor claims are evil.ConnorwithlowIq has been lynched.Zoot: I called it lmao. Someone was going GtHades: sighUmmm trapper: Dont shoot 2Crus on Dusa: why notHades: why cant we have a fun gameNight 2Did ye backpedal: Connor was dumConnorwithlowIq: gamethrowing CLConnorwithlowIq: fucking dogshitDid ye backpedal: Like why would you pm on the guy whos gonna get stonedDid ye backpedal: And reveal cl?John Willard: LolCovenLeader made Voodoo target Did ye backpedal.Crus on Dusa checked Zoot.Day 3Crus on Dusa has been killed.Crus on Dusa was attacked by the Poisoner.Voodoo: i said we should have upped 2 firstConnorwithlowIq: throwing twat CLVoodoo has been killed.Voodoo was attacked by Medusa.Nope: Sorry Voodoo I was gonna be on you but I was piratedNope has been killed.Nope was attacked by the Pirate.Ummm trapper: N2: 1, 5 (g)jhope: n2- 12--->nvHades: yarg i got me bootyConnorwithlowIq: CL got salty after I did what he asked me to do so he outted his own PM, report 2TigerShark: If I die my will is going to haunt your eyeballsUmmm trapper: Okay now we can hang 2solil: i did sayZoot: I'm PoisonedBudew: Hey pirate + GA «3~solil: that likeHades: nooo im sad i went for 9 bc they didnt talkJohn Willard: 14 are you going to complain all game?solil: im gaCrus on Dusa has left the game.John Willard: Cuase just leave if you are lolHades: i didnt want the crus gone :(Budew: 12 who's your target?ConnorwithlowIq: 15 are you gonna be a gimpHades: im sorrysolil: uhhhhUmmm trapper: Just didnt want vig and sheriff deadBudew: sorry- i cant remember-solil: 10Ummm trapper: So lets hang 2 nowBudew: your target's covenBudew: dont up mesolil: aightZoot: Gonna end up like Sheriff ripBudew: pirate, dont up me «3Voodoo: all good nopeDefenseBudew: im-Budew: not even madJudgementBudew: just 14 deserved itHades: i cc pirate dfTigerShark: just saying that if you go to vip I will kill youHades: i claimed yarg d1Zoot: Pirate i can die for you since I'm poisonedZoot voted guilty.solil voted innocent.TigerShark voted smoothie voted guilty.Ummm trapper voted guilty.Hades voted guilty.Thornet abstained.jhope voted guilty.Did ye backpedal voted guilty.Budew: 1, i was asking you to not up meBudew: i wasnt claiming pirateHades: okay i go middle optionHades: oh my bBudew has been lynched.Ummm trapper: HahaUmmm trapper: Sucks to suckHades: sorry 2 lolConnorwithlowIq: hey budew or should I say, CWM1010, you gamethrowing, reghunting mongmango smoothie: is 10 evilsolil: oh ouchJohn Willard: Dont worry 2 I got yo back 14 annoying as fuccckConnorwithlowIq: gimpNight 3Budew: fr~John Willard: I dont think you know what a gimp isConnorwithlowIq: lmao gamethrowing gimpsThornet: GrrConnorwithlowIq: get banned cuckboiDid ye backpedal: Poison the guy who said 10 was evilDid ye backpedal: 11Did ye backpedal: O HThornet: That was a mistakeRetributionist made Nope target Ummm trapper.Day 4John Willard: Lol 14 is easier to report than 2 LOLZoot has been killed.Zoot was attacked by the Poisoner.Zoot was attacked by the Pirate.ConnorwithlowIq: invalid report there thenJohn Willard: Hey if you wanna use hate speech and harassment seems legit to me :)Ummm trapper: N3: 5, 6, 8 (e)Hades: thank you 13 for offering your booty. i am now richjhope: n3- 10 --->9 10 is necro?ConnorwithlowIq: nahConnorwithlowIq: gimp isnt hate speechTigerShark: wrongmango smoothie: oh screw off poisonerJohn Willard: Lol duhJohn Willard: Your name seems pretty accurate LOLTigerShark: TigerShark the retributionistN1 no good deadN2 no good deadN3 crus on vipUmmm trapper: 6 and 8 claim?Did ye backpedal: I claimConnorwithlowIq: well it is a pisstake of 2's normal name so yeah its accurateDid ye backpedal: I claimUmmm trapper: Up 8DefenseThornet: Uh i can confirm myself at mightThornet: NightJudgementBudew: Anyway, 14, bussing a teammate isn't throwing~Ummm trapper: Are you vig?Budew: Please learn what throwing is~ConnorwithlowIq: it wasnt bussingVoodoo: yes it ismango smoothie: noDid ye backpedal: Shoot 10?Thornet: MaybeUmmm trapper: CL is deadHades: whos booty shall i go forTigerShark: I will sheriff himConnorwithlowIq: you just got pissy and gamethrewmango smoothie: not vigjhope: shoot 10Ummm trapper voted guilty.jhope voted innocent.Did ye backpedal voted smoothie voted guilty.Hades voted guilty.solil voted guilty.TigerShark voted innocent.Thornet: HeheheJohn Willard: I mean the only thing I'll side on 14 with is that bussing is kinda useless in VIP lolThornet: DEATH TO THE TOWNDid ye backpedal: He not michaek jacksonThornet: I was atlinThornet has been lynched.Hades: whos booty shall i takeThornet: StalliConnorwithlowIq: see, even 15 gets itsolil: oopUmmm trapper: OkayHades: town tell meUmmm trapper: 10 lastHades: no booty thenTigerShark: ga protect me tonightmango smoothie: yolo and go for gaHades: scared of dusaNight 4ConnorwithlowIq: you just mad and are continuing to reghunt me as per normConnorwithlowIq: while claiming I do thatConnorwithlowIq: ironicBudew: I don't reghunt.ConnorwithlowIq: hilariousConnorwithlowIq: tell anotherBudew: Unlike you, who's there's proof that they reghunt.Retributionist made Crus on Dusa target Did ye backpedal.Day 5ConnorwithlowIq: yes shooting a known coven as vigi is reghunting /sarcasmThornet: Stonegaze the guy being accused big brainDid ye backpedal has left the smoothie has been smoothie was attacked by the Poisoner.GameOverTown has won.ConnorwithlowIq: meanwhile you and howdy pushed me, i was uncced sheriff, wasnt even on psy and guiltied, cause you knew it was meTigerShark: jesus christ I got attack 3 timesHades: ggmango smoothie: ggJohn Willard: ggHades: who was vipZoot: Ggsolil: killerrrrJohn Willard: 4Ummm trapper: ggHades: niceConnorwithlowIq: so get the facts gimpyUmmm trapper: MeEnd of Report
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