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Report ID: 3615183
Reported User: Dezdog
Report Submitted: Jan. 26, 2022 6:59 pm
# of reporters: 1
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
LobbyPlayers are choosing namesDay 1Rudy Guiliani: aw man sk is impossibleforced gayness: my father forced gayness on me at 12lydia: hiKeRrIbErRy: gayBlind: hmmmmRudy Guiliani to forced gayness: noo ur backNight 1GeTrEkT: helloGeTrEkT: we are killing 10GeTrEkT: frame 7Rudy Guiliani investigated Blind.Squire checked Milo.Day 2Random Town: okayRandom Town has been killed.Random Town was attacked by the Mafia.lydia: who?Jonathan Corwin to Gene Parm Two: this is edward aRudy Guiliani to Squire: hey whats upGene Parm Two: anyone jailedforced gayness: father said it would be better this wayRudy Guiliani: nah i just decicded not to killGene Parm Two to Jonathan Corwin: okRudy Guiliani to forced gayness: AHHHHHHHHi to GeTrEkT: watch out for 14Rudy Guiliani: why ppl voting meKeRrIbErRy: i hate gaysDefenseRudy Guiliani: inv3st night one: Blind (8) med/retriRudy Guiliani: im literally invest but okRudy Guiliani: theres no ccJudgementBlind: it's true. inno. i'm medforced gayness: innoSquire: We need our InvestigatorJonathan Corwin: 8 role?Gene Parm Two: innoSquire: Inno pleaseBlind: i'm medRudy Guiliani: inno thisBlind: innoGene Parm Two: innoJonathan Corwin: innoHi: InnoGene Parm Two voted innocent.KeRrIbErRy voted innocent.Hi voted innocent.gross voted innocent.forced gayness voted innocent.lydia voted innocent.Giles Corey voted innocent.XiXingPing voted innocent.Jonathan Corwin voted innocent.Squire voted innocent.Milo voted innocent.Blind voted innocent.GeTrEkT voted innocent.Blind: doc on 6?Night 2Random Town: hiBlind: hiJonathan Corwin: Hey buddyJonathan Corwin: ummm soolydia: what is ur role?Jonathan Corwin: im JesterRandom Town: ive got nothing to say really so how are ya?lydia: okforced gayness: I hate playing mafiaJonathan Corwin: I wanna help townBlind: chillinHi: Me tooRandom Town: sameJonathan Corwin: but i need to get hungRudy Guiliani investigated XiXingPing.Squire checked Gene Parm Two.Day 3Random Town: kinda dead tbh thoforced gayness has been killed.forced gayness was attacked by a Vigilante.KeRrIbErRy: lmaooooRudy Guiliani: LMAOOOSquire: Nice work, Vig!Gene Parm Two: nice shot viglydia: 14?Jonathan Corwin: soooBlind: wouldn't have been mad if he was townie eitherRudy Guiliani to Squire: hey whats up manRudy Guiliani to Hi: HiJonathan Corwin: 2 defense to strongRandom Town: frfrBlind: ew grossSquire: Hey, Rudy!forced gayness: plz u are agy I seen u in the locker roomforced gayness: looking at meKeRrIbErRy: ooplydia: who is it?Rudy Guiliani: 14 how do u knowKeRrIbErRy: 8Random Town: i am gay tyvm but im not a pervJonathan Corwin: cuz i dolydia: iam voting 14Hi: 2 might be exeforced gayness: U GAY U PERV!Blind: lolBlind: why me?gross: 14 I was healed. There's no way you can know without being mafia or sk.gross: The vig shot the mafiosogross: there are no other town killingRandom Town: actually im pan, but eh details detailsforced gayness: WANT A GAY 1 on 1 SWORD ON SWORDDefenseJonathan Corwin: im vigforced gayness: naked wrestleRandom Town: ayo gay fight to the death? how romantic of you lmaoforced gayness: hole on holeJudgementRudy Guiliani: the vig shot 12 tho this makes no sense lolgross: The vig shot 12Squire: Any counter claims?Blind to gross: were you attacked last night?Giles Corey: im vig broGiles Corey: Vig N1 playing with myself N2 12 just for shizz and gigglesgross to Blind: yeaGene Parm Two: guiltyforced gayness: find out whos hole feels the best !!!!??????Rudy Guiliani: guilty this what the heckMilo voted guilty.Gene Parm Two voted innocent.KeRrIbErRy voted guilty.Squire voted innocent.Giles Corey voted guilty.gross voted guilty.XiXingPing voted innocent.Rudy Guiliani voted guilty.Hi abstained.lydia voted guilty.GeTrEkT voted guilty.Blind voted guilty.Jonathan Corwin: thx yallJonathan Corwin: jest winJonathan Corwin: i know framerJonathan Corwin has been lynched.Rudy Guiliani: cool so whos framerSquire: gg Jester!Blind: how did he know 2 was attackedBlind: wtfRandom Town: ayo feelin a bit uncomfortable ngl, but cool okay coolgross: he was on a vc with the evilslydia: omggross: probsRudy Guiliani: he was jus saying stuff igBlind: this is some bowlshitNight 3Random Town: med please save me from hellforced gayness: what do u mean are you down for the Hump or what I can flyBlind: you're on discord with friends?Jonathan Corwin: noJonathan Corwin: i just said random shitBlind: lol wowJonathan Corwin: didnt know he was attackedforced gayness: excuse me jesterJonathan Corwin: i was attacked last nightRandom Town: 12 acting a bit sus rnRudy Guiliani investigated Squire.Squire checked lydia.Day 4Random Town: help lmaoforced gayness: we are trying to hook up unless u wanta 3some stay out!Hi has been killed.Hi was attacked by a Jester.Hi has left the game.forced gayness has left the game.lydia has been killed.lydia was attacked by a SerialKiller.Random Town: well you got the framerJonathan Corwin: i told youXiXingPing has been killed.XiXingPing was attacked by a Vigilante.Random Town: fairBlind to Rudy Guiliani: any leads?lydia: nooRandom Town: OOFRudy Guiliani to Blind: not yetSquire: Thanks, JesterBlind: welpBlind to Giles Corey: you dedSquire: I found a suspicious personRudy Guiliani: the vig shot the lo lolRandom Town: vigi was cool and then vigi was not coolGiles Corey: 8 said im deadRudy Guiliani: whoSquire: Gene came up as susBlind: who is suspiciousGene Parm Two: whoGiles Corey: up 8Rudy Guiliani: 8 is medSquire: I'm sorry Gene, but it is youBlind: i'm med lollydia has left the game.GeTrEkT to Rudy Guiliani: whats your roleGene Parm Two: I am docRudy Guiliani: AHHHGiles Corey: he said im deadBlind: you said you were vigilanteBlind: yesBlind: you shot LOBlind: henceBlind: you dedSquire: Any counter claims to Doc?Rudy Guiliani to GeTrEkT: invest lolSquire: N2 - interrogated Gene Parm Two - TARGET IS SUSPICIOUS!!!Squire: Any counter claims to Doctor?Gene Parm Two: I am docGeTrEkT to Rudy Guiliani: now does invest to strong to killDefenseGeTrEkT to Rudy Guiliani: convinse im innoRudy Guiliani to GeTrEkT: i was healed dumbazzJudgementGene Parm Two: roleSquire: What is your role, Getrekt?KeRrIbErRy: innoMilo: Any cc?Rudy Guiliani: he just whispered to me asking why i have defesne.. BC i was healed LOLBlind to Rudy Guiliani: i'm 80% sure 7 is executioner and i'm his targetRudy Guiliani: guilty thisSquire: Please tell us your role, GetrektRudy Guiliani: he confessedGene Parm Two: guiltyGene Parm Two: he is mafRudy Guiliani to Blind: agreeKeRrIbErRy voted innocent.Gene Parm Two voted guilty.Blind voted guilty.Milo voted guilty.Giles Corey voted guilty.Squire abstained.gross abstained.Rudy Guiliani voted guilty.GeTrEkT has been lynched.Rudy Guiliani: yeah im skBlind: niceSquire: Doc, please be on meRudy Guiliani: like whatNight 4Random Town: lmaoGeTrEkT: lmao i triedJonathan Corwin: only n4 and all maf deadJonathan Corwin: wtfGeTrEkT: whos sk?Random Town: i had a game last 3 daysJonathan Corwin: your maf buddy ratted out your framerSquire checked Rudy Guiliani.Day 5Jonathan Corwin: thats how i killed himGeTrEkT: whatJonathan Corwin: they both left afterGiles Corey has been killed.Giles Corey died from guilt over shooting a Town member.Blind: lol see. he dedBlind: ok soRandom Town: i wonder what sk is doing and if 6 is actually sk or just some dudeBlind: who's left?Rudy Guiliani: ok so 2 role?Squire: Rudy was innoGene Parm Two: 2 roleBlind: no duh lol]Blind: 11 is investRudy Guiliani: up 2 what the jreckRudy Guiliani: heckSquire: 7, are you claiming Doc?Blind: 7 is probably exeRudy Guiliani: 7 is jester/exeGene Parm Two: also 11 do not know why I cane up as susBlind: i'm his targetDefenseGeTrEkT: his defense was too strong if it was a heal it would have saidJudgementGeTrEkT: or am i trippingSquire: gross, what is your role please?Rudy Guiliani to Squire: what does ur name mean?Blind: 9 was probably framedBlind: also what's 4?Rudy Guiliani to Milo: hey miloBlind: this might be jestRudy Guiliani to KeRrIbErRy: hey mnaSquire: gross, please tell usGene Parm Two: guiltyBlind: what's 4 thoRudy Guiliani to KeRrIbErRy: hey manRudy Guiliani voted guilty.Squire abstained.Blind voted guilty.Gene Parm Two voted guilty.Milo voted guilty.KeRrIbErRy voted innocent.Rudy Guiliani to KeRrIbErRy: i see that innoRandom Town: i think it still says defence because healing gives powerful defgross has been lynched.Milo: Im vetGeTrEkT: i just had thoughtBlind: ohBlind: this ggSquire: A sled!Blind: ?Rudy Guiliani to Blind: im blinded by loveBlind: ggRudy Guiliani: okGameOverTown has won.Gene Parm Two: 7 we see that innoSquire: gg everyoneRandom Town: ggsGene Parm Two: ggGeTrEkT: ggsSquire: Great work, everyoneGeTrEkT: i hate being mafSquire: I don't like mafia eitherEnd of Report
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