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Report ID: 3594277
Reported User: DoctorSlidezz
Report Submitted: Dec. 29, 2021 10:08 am
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Inappropriate IGN
Details: None given.
LobbyAtoms136: All any?isaac17: yesAtoms136: Kisaac17: it means they can be any roleisaac17: all anyAtoms136: CanMrRootBeer: no shitarsana: any claimisaac17: you're welcomeisaac17: any role is possibleAtoms136: BetPlayers are choosing namesDay 1corn: im mayorSex Master: Virgins die tonight.Atoms: So all any means any role?Knick Kerr: Hello! Have a wonderful day in HELLAtoms: I got survivorecorn: any role at allSex Master: Die, virgins!Night 1Jexe: 10 veteran or meduSA BAT?Jexe: Baitpepsi: vet probablyTransporter swapped Sex Master with Seri.CovenLeader made pepsi target Seri.Day 2Sex Master: Oh hi Medusa.Sex Master has been killed.Sex Master was attacked by Medusa.pepsi: ah shitpepsi: im mafJexe has been killed.Jexe was attacked by Medusa.Sex Master: I think I made someone kill the Medusa.pepsi: i tried to kill medSeri has been killed.Seri was attacked by the Mafia.Sex Master: Oh yeah.Sex Master: You actually attacked me.pepsi: 12pepsi has been killed.pepsi was attacked by Medusa.Jexe: transporter?Sex Master: Luckily I transported myself.pepsi: wait im confusedseo changbin: seo changbin the psychic1 - (e) 8, 11, 3sad: wowpepsi: u trans me and u?Waste: weirdpepsi: or u and 12?M O O: Im amneKnick Kerr: Veteran//Beldicot: Rb'dSex Master: Me and the bitch Medusa.pepsi: so howcome i got stoned?seo changbin: no other ti?sad: 3 claimAtoms: Im a survivoreWaste: 3 claims vetJohn Proctor: im vigilante.Knick Kerr: Vet you blindSeri has left the game.M O O: not much to remeber but medsua which i will not doSex Master: You visited me but you actually visited the bitch.John Proctor: i shooted tonightWaste: whatAtoms: Survivorpepsi: no i visited 12Sex Master: Are you sure?pepsi: yepseo changbin: so nothingseo changbin: y'all got nothing?seo changbin: wiwSex Master: Like how percent?Knick Kerr: Im vet, sus of 11s vivi claimNight 2sad: LOLpepsi: i just checked chatpepsi: i hit 12Sex Master: Are you sure you weren't witched?pepsi: u got framedSex Master: Or maybe he was transported too.pepsi: i voted to kill 12William Hobbs: we are lynched randomWilliam Hobbs: okpepsi: and i didpepsi: or i went toTransporter swapped John Proctor with William Hobbs.CovenLeader made William Hobbs target sad.Day 3Sex Master: Is there a Godfather?pepsi: nopeWaste: mehcorn has been killed.corn was attacked by a Werewolf.Sex Master: Wow.Sex Master: Hey Adrian.Waste has been killed.Waste was attacked by the Mafia.Waste: so i controlled 15, fuck ucorn: heheheehAdrian Pimento has been killed.Adrian Pimento was attacked by a Vigilante.John Proctor has left the game.Sex Master: That's a waste.Waste: ouchJohn Proctor has been killed.John Proctor was attacked by a Werewolf.Sex Master: So, where do you begin?William Hobbs: witchedseo changbin: 2 - (g) 12, 7Knick Kerr: Kill 8Waste: trans didnt great hereseo changbin: okay?M O O: im amne but okKnick Kerr: If psy will is trueAtoms: Dose surv count as good?William Hobbs: 1???sad: 7 you werent inseo changbin: yesKnick Kerr: If 8 is actually amne psy claim diesBeldicot: yes 15sad: yeaM O O: I amSex Master: No I mean I give advises.M O O: i will remeber bg tonightWilliam Hobbs: getWilliam Hobbs: 1M O O: if i dont diesad: get 8 according to psyseo changbin: its 3 or 8Beldicot: BG N1 - Rb'd N2 - 8DefenseBeldicot: againBeldicot: BG N1 - Rb'd N2 - 8Atoms to sad: i was in 13 will for goodWaste has left the game.Beldicot: 15 what's your claimJudgementWilliam Hobbs: guilty isnt bg possibly arso or evilsad: why not on the psy claimBeldicot: i don't trust 13corn has left the game.M O O: either way i prob die tonight to evilseo changbin: sure janKnick Kerr: Me either probsad abstained.seo changbin voted guilty.Knick Kerr voted guilty.Atoms abstained.William Hobbs voted guilty.M O O abstained.Beldicot: autistic townKnick Kerr: I think 13 could be evil. Depends if 8 is amne or notBeldicot has been lynched.Sex Master: You had to die.seo changbin: -_-seo changbin: like you ain't sus?William Hobbs to M O O: turn to mafseo changbin: boi?sad: 8 remmeber town if realNight 3sad: im claiming crus on 13William Hobbs: 3 veteran claimedsad: yea ikWilliam Hobbs: attack psychicsad: nahsad: they wont alert i thinkDay 4sad has left the game.sad has been killed.sad attacked by a Veteran.Adrian Pimento has left the game.M O O has remembered they were Vigilante.Knick Kerr: Suck it bitches now im confirmedseo changbin: ha lolKnick Kerr: 8 diesKnick Kerr: Not 8Knick Kerr: 13M O O: i rem vig lolKnick Kerr: My bseo changbin: yoKnick Kerr: 13 dies i meanseo changbin: wouldn't it better to find maf?M O O: nahKnick Kerr: I killed maf lmaoKnick Kerr: Die.seo changbin: there only 1?Atoms to Knick Kerr: what is 15?seo changbin: that kinda weak af bro nglKnick Kerr: Im confirmed vet, 8 is confirmedseo changbin: what is 15?M O O: 2 prob died to medKnick Kerr: Surv vote or vigi shoots youAtoms: OkDefenseseo changbin: yoseo changbin: let me just visit and kill 15seo changbin: and then you shot me, its a win winseo changbin: yeah?JudgementM O O: nah ill shoot 15Knick Kerr: No. You dieseo changbin: -_-seo changbin: this is werewolf-istAtoms to William Hobbs: inno thisKnick Kerr: 15 dies tonightM O O voted guilty.Atoms voted innocent.William Hobbs voted guilty.Knick Kerr voted guilty.seo changbin: lol 7, I like youAtoms: Lolseo changbin has been lynched.Atoms: FunnyKnick Kerr: Im alerting tonightAtoms: Im vesting vig shoot me to confirme meNight 4seo changbin: talkative death chat huh?Day 5Sex Master: They are all virginsM O O has been killed.M O O was attacked by the Mafia.Sex Master: So I forbid them to talk.M O O: oof the surv was pbseo changbin: pFFSex Master has left the game.seo changbin: do I count as ace?William Hobbs has been killed.William Hobbs was attacked by a Vigilante.Atoms: Hi 3Knick Kerr: Welp fuck ggsAtoms: LolAtoms: Acting like a new player is funWilliam Hobbs has left the game.Knick Kerr: Damn itseo changbin: dis why y'all should've let me rampageJexe has left the game.Atoms: :)Atoms: Atoms the survivor N1: vest N2: no vest because im brave N3: vest N4: vestM O O has left the game.Knick Kerr: Mayor reveal timeAtoms: I have like 500 game 240 winsAtoms: I wishAtoms: I went on 5 n3 and got you infectedKnick Kerr: I have 1000wins on my main accNight 5Day 6Beldicot has left the game.Knick Kerr has been killed.Knick Kerr was attacked by Pestilence.Knick Kerr: Eh damn if 15 didnt die town couldve wonGameOverPestilence has won.Atoms: GgKnick Kerr: ggseo changbin: pFFseo changbin: ggEnd of Report
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